3x I want the best tenants to rent my house

Every day we have tenants on the phone, we listen to their questions and answer their emails. Apart from the basics, we learn time and time again which information is important to them. Information that you can use to rent out your home faster and find the nicest tenants for your home in Amsterdam. Read below how I would rent my house

Clear pictures to flick through

Choosing is easier if there are clear pictures to flick through, the more the better. When you are looking for a house you need all those pictures to determine if the house is worth viewing. When searching for tenants for your house in Amsterdam, make sure that the photos have a high quality and really show what the house looks like. An overstyled space only arouses suspicion and feels fake. Light is also very important, so curtains wide open on the day you decide to take pictures, and a bit of sunny weather is also useful.

Take pics of storage space to rent my house

Houses in Amsterdam are often not huge castles with gardens and barns. We, therefore, recommend that you clearly indicate what kind of storage facilities there are. So take pictures of cupboards, an attic, and cellar.

Describe the nicest places in the neighborhood

Neighborhoods are everything in Amsterdam. Where De Pijp used to be a tainted piece of town, people now lay down big money to live there. Is your rental house in a less popular part and is therefore also affordable, then we recommend you to add a list of advantages of the environment. Those who have never been to Southeast, New West or North, are guided by prejudices. We have written many blogs about the neighborhoods of Amsterdam, so let yourself be inspired. And focus on the tenant you want to attract. Do I want to rent my house to a family? Then I should say something about the schools or day-care centers in the neighborhood. A young couple? Summarize all the nice coffee shops.

Also, know what kind of rent you can ask (differs per neighborhood) and why your viewings are best done yourself. There is also a part 1 of this blog.

The best tenants to rent my house with RentSlam

Find the nicest tenants for your home in Amsterdam now. By putting your house on RentSlam yourself, you reach thousands of people who are looking for a rented house in Amsterdam, without paying huge broker commissions. We want to offer our subscribers the nicest and most beautiful rental properties each time, and let you find the best tenants in an easy way.

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