4 tips to get a rental house in Amsterdam in 4 weeks

It took the owner of RentSlam much longer than 4 weeks the first time to find a rental house in Amsterdam (it took him over 4 months). He now lives on the Prinsengracht and every day he answers dozens of phone calls with questions about the Amsterdam rental market. All his advice is now clearly arranged for you, so you can have a rental house in Amsterdam within 4 weeks.

Tip 1: Put smaller housing sites on your source list

Houses from all sources?
It is easy with RentSlam

Yes please!

After Peter, one of the founders of RentSlam, returned to Amsterdam after ten years abroad, he needed to rent a house, so he created a list of sources. In addition to rental brokers, there were Funda and Pararius, but also smaller websites such as Actys, Domica and many more. It was a matter of dodging all the scammers. Sites that ask low prices for great houses or want an advance are almost never trustworthy.

Tip 2: Browse through all those housing sites every day

Every day he, and his future roommate, scrolled through the entire source list for an hour. The e-mail alerts with which companies now forward their offer of rented accommodation did not even exist. These e-mails are now a godsend, although they are only sent once a day, while new homes are added throughout the day. If you want a rental home in Amsterdam in 4 weeks, this is not fast enough.

Check sites 10x a day?
No way…

I will use RentSlam

Tip 3: That list of requirements cannot be short enough

Peter succeeded after months to get into 100m2 in the Pijp, where the rent was €1250. There was not even a floor in the house. It taught him that your search criteria should only contain absolute must-haves. In his case, that was a nice neighborhood and enough space to live with 2 people. When you are looking, keep in mind the prices that apply to the neighborhood in which you rent. A 3-room apartment in the center of Amsterdam under 1000 euros, unfortunately, is very rare and is therefore too good to be true for most people.

Tip 4: Make that housing hunt your top priority

Viewing all those websites and responding to rental homes takes time. Combine that with the viewing and you quickly come to the conclusion that you can best take a week off. Make sure you are invited to as many viewings as possible and put your name on the spot on all registration lists that you come across. Peter started Rentslam with Rául when they realized that everywhere in the city (also in London and Barcelona), forty people would show up for a visit. Responding quickly to new rental properties is very important in large cities.

Find a rental house in Amsterdam with RentSlam more easily

Our service always sends you an e-mail at the moment that a house appears online that meets your requirements. We only work with reliable sources, so you do not have to worry about scammers. And it saves an incredible amount of time because manually checking your sources ten times a day is no longer necessary. It greatly increases your chances of getting a rental home in Amsterdam in 4 weeks.

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