5 ways to find a house for rent in Amsterdam

5 ways to find a house for rent in Amsterdam

What is the quickest, cheapest and best way to find a house for rent in Amsterdam

There are many ways to Rome. But also to find a house for rent in Amsterdam. It may seem impossible at times, but if you know how to go about it, you can find your long term rental in Amsterdam before you know it. Also make sure to check out our top ten tips to find apartments for rent in Amsterdam.

Your network

By far the cheapest way to find a house for rent in Amsterdam is through your network. When friends or family have a house or know someone that does, you are in. They usually won’t charge you any type of commission, they give you preference as they “know” you, and they usually charge you a fair price. So tell everyone you know that you are looking to rent a house.

Social media

This is really an extension of your network. By posting on Facebook and the likes that you are looking for a house for rent in Amsterdam, your network is suddenly much larger. You could find a house fast, but beware of the pitfalls. There are many scammers active on Facebook. So use it, and other social media, but make sure you don’t pay in advance and check carefully who you are renting from. Read our blog post to prevent getting scammed.

Rental agency

Rental agencies can be a good source. They will take your search criteria and will try and find you a matching home. They are very expensive though. Usually they charge 1 month rent as commission. If you do go with a rental agency, then don’t pay them any commission if they advertise the property on their website. They are not allowed to charge you in that case. Read more about the fees they may or may not charge here.

Rental websites

There are many websites offering houses for rent in Amsterdam. That is also the main problem, you need to spend hours a day searching, and if you do find something, often you are too late, as they are usually rented within hours of being published online. The good thing is that they are not allowed to charge you commission on the properties they have published. Also, beware that some of these sites are also used by scammers.

Rental finding service

We at RentSlam offer a rental finding service to find a house for rent in Amsterdam. We send you almost all the rental property that comes online and matches your criteria. We do this within minutes of them coming online. The big advantages are that you no longer have to waste hours a day on many website and you will always be on time to apply. Also, no agency fees need to be paid and you won’t get scammed. Start finding your long term rental in Amsterdam by clicking here.

If you have any valuable sources to add to this list, feel free to leave a comment below, so we can share them with other visitors.

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