5x How to find apartments for rent in Amsterdam from abroad

The stress level with regard to finding apartments for rent in Amsterdam increases considerably when this has to be done with miles of land in between. Where do you start and what do you have to pay attention to if you want to rent a house in Amsterdam from abroad? A list of tips, for you.

1. Thorough research into the housing situation in Amsterdam

This has to be thoroughly investigated beforehand. To begin with, what does it costs to rent an apartment in Amsterdam (lucky you, we have already done this for you) and which areas did the prices go up last year? Also, determine when your search should start. Usually, a house only comes online one month before it is available for you to move in. We would take two months for it so that you have the time to get to know the market and schedule viewings.

2. What do apartments for rent in Amsterdam cost in every neighborhood?

The nice thing about Amsterdam is the ‘small but nice’ principle, as long as you can cycle you will come a long way. That does not mean that the neighborhoods are all equally popular, or have the same price tag. On iamsterdam you can find good info, TripAdvisor tells you what’s going on in the area, and RentSlam has a whole blog section dedicated to the different neighborhoods of Amsterdam.

3. Make a diverse source list

Apart from Amsterdam, the world is also quite small. There is always someone who knows someone, so switch on your network when you are looking for apartments for rent in Amsterdam. By far the majority of houses are on sites like Pararius and Funda. Be sure to add smaller sources such as Actys and Domica, because the competition is huge.

4. E-mail alerts are a good start

E-mail alerts are there to use but do not depend on them. Most companies send an e-mail once a day with their offer of rental properties. The chance that you are late by the time that e-mail reaches you is high. Furthermore, new homes are added throughout the day, so check your sources several times a day.

5. Walk through the streets of Amsterdam

Fly to Amsterdam for a week, walk through the streets. See if you can manage to schedule viewings. Ask people who are walking their dog what they think of their surroundings, find out what the local baristas like. And do a walking tour at Free dam tours or 360 Amsterdam. A local guide is worth gold and perhaps your first friend in the city. If you really do not manage to come by yourself first, consider hiring a rental agent. For the viewings alone it is convenient, but it costs a few extra euros.

How can RentSlam help?

As soon as you are ready to view a rented house, you are almost there. It is only a hassle to get there. Apartments for rent in Amsterdam are not cheap and certainly very popular. To be very honest, we were slowly going crazy from all the steps we had to go through to find a rental home in Amsterdam. That is why we started RentSlam. Our service always sends you an e-mail at the moment that a house appears online that meets your requirements. We only work with reliable sources, so you do not have to worry about scammers. And it saves an incredible amount of time because checking sources 10 times a day is no longer necessary. Just go for it.

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