5x how to get a great rental apartment in Amsterdam

We love lists with tips to find rental apartments in Amsterdam here at RentSlam. We love helping you get your hands on one of these Amsterdam rentals even more. As soon as you start looking for your next rental home, you will find out how helpful these lists really are. Because it is truly a daunting task to find a great rental apartment in Amsterdam. These tips should get you started.

Tip 1: Respond fast to any rental apartment in Amsterdam

Did you find a listing that puts a smile on your face? Be fast, be very fast. Go and check it out the very same day. Call the agent or owner immediately. If you want to rent it, tell them immediately. Before you know it, someone else snatches it away from you. Very often, if not always, there are tens to hundreds of people interested in the same rental apartment in Amsterdam.

Tip 2: Prepare all the necessary documents

Agents and owners often ask for employment contracts, salary slips etc. If you can send them the second they ask for it, or even better, bring them to the viewing, You have just gained a big step on your competition.

Tip 3: Owners and agents like it neat

It sounds trivial to even mention it, but be on time at the viewing. If you arrive late, either they are already gone or at least are not positive about you anymore. Besides that, it helps to look good/proper/neat whatever your fancy, as long as it shows that you care about your appearance. Owners prefer renting to people that seem like they will take good care of their property as they also take good care of themselves.

Tip 4: Agency fees, do’s and dont’s

According to Dutch law, in most circumstances an agent works for the owner. If you find a property online the agency in most cases cannot charge you any commission in order to rent it to you, they should charge the owner instead. Many real estate agents will try to charge you anyway, especially if you are an expat. 1 month rent as a fee is a lot of money. If you refuse to pay, they will probably not rent you that great rental apartment in Amsterdam. So pay the fees, and after you move in, point out to the agent that you know the law and that you want the fees refunded. In most cases this is enough to get your money back.

Tip 5: Use RentSlam to find your rental apartment in Amsterdam

What RentSlam does is search almost every place online for new available rental apartments in Amsterdam. We do this every couple of minutes and match the new properties with your search criteria. As soon as there is a match, we send you the link to that property by email. You can now respond to any rental apartment in Amsterdam as soon as it comes online and without wasting your time searching for it.

Try it for a month and let us know what you think.

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