Amsterdam ranks 11th on list of best cities in the world

Amsterdam ranks 11th on the Mercer Quality of Life Index 2015.

Amsterdam ranks 11th, but the Austrian capital Vienna tops the list and Bagdad (Irak) is the least attractive city to live in.
Researchers have compared the social economic climate, healthcare, education, housing quality and environment. According to The Guardian it is an important factor for large companies when deciding where to establish and how much to pay their employees. Besides Amsterdam, the list is made up of 230 cities.

Amsterdam is very popular with its beautiful canals, charming old houses and green parks.

Vienna tops the list because the well-being and economical climate are high, partly due to the favorable location in central Europe. Due to the many students the city is “young and lively”.

American cities are not scoring too high with San Francisco (28th place) as highest rank. High crime rates seem to play an important role.

Paris ranks 37th, 2 spots above Londen. The French capital ranked 27th last year, but dropped 10 spots due to the attacks in November.

Read the full article here: The Guardian

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