Apartment for rent in Amsterdam – at what price?

huurwoningen in Amsterdam

Where can you find the cheapest apartment for rent in Amsterdam and where the most expensive? In this blog, we tell you exactly what the price development is per neighborhood, based on the data of the previous quarter, so you know exactly where you can rent the cheapest. We will update this every quarter with the latest data.

Apartments for rent in Amsterdam - prices per neighborhood

To put it bluntly, Amsterdam is outrageously expensive. But there are also neighborhoods where, in comparison, it isn’t that bad. Last quarter (January till March 2020) the average m2 prices in free sector rentals ranged from €18,33 in Zuidoost till €27,67 in Centrum. That is quite a big difference. And if you look a little further out, you can rent the cheapest houses in Diemen, for an average of €17.96 per square meter.

So, the cheapest apartment for rent in Amsterdam and surroundings, this quarter, can be found in Diemen and Zuidoost.

The latest stats (January till March 2020):

diemen€ 17.96
zuidoost€ 18.33
duivendrecht    € 18.65
nieuw-West€ 19.13
amstelveen€ 19.83
noord€ 20.71
oost€ 23.33
westpoort€ 25.70
zuid€ 25.89
west€ 26.77
centrum€ 27.67

*Sociale housing was excluded from these numbers to make it as realistic as possible, else, the m2 prices would appear much lower.

Apartments for rent in Amsterdam - Kata found her apartment with RentSlam
Kata Cserveny
Thank you RentSlam for helping me find my dream apartment! I’m over the moon. I’ve been recommending your service to everyone who will listen 🙂

In which neighborhood are you going to rent a house?

Now that you know in which neighborhood you are able to rent an apartment within your budget, it is very important to make sure you have the best possible chance of renting. By using RentSlam you won’t need to spend hours a day browsing tons of websites and you will always be amongst the first to apply. This will result in many more invitations and will allow you to rent an apartment much sooner. Read more here.

Social of Free sector rental?

We must, of course, make the separation between social housing and the free sector apartments for rent in Amsterdam. Social housing are rentals with a calculated rent up to €737 (set by the government for the year 2020). But to be eligible for renting these, you must meet certain criteria. The detailed information regarding renting a social house can be found on https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/…

The major downside is that even when you meet the criteria, you won’t immediately get a social house in Amsterdam. There is a tremendously long waiting list at Woningnet. Depending on your needs, this can be anywhere between 10 and 15 years long. So, for most of us, not an option. What remains are Free sector rentals.

Free sector apartment for rent in Amsterdam.

Do you want to rent an apartment in Amsterdam without being on a waiting list for many years, then you will have to find something in the free sector. You should take into account that your rental budget must be higher (above €737).

If you are on a tight budget, make sure you search mainly in the neighborhoods where the m2 prices are the lowest. Or if you are searching on your own, consider teaming up with a friend or colleague to find a 2 bedroom apartment if a studio or 1 bedroom apartment is above your budget.

Are you the fastest?

Being among the first few that apply for a rental listing is absolutely imperative. You are not the only person looking for an apartment for rent in Amsterdam. So, if you want to have a real chance, you must respond to as many listings as fast as you possibly can. That is a very time consuming and difficult task, as the listings are offered at any time during the day and on many different sources.

RentSlam will help you with this. We search every minute, 24/7, on all trustworthy sources. This means you can apply much faster and thus have a way better chance to rent that great apartment. It also saves you tons of time. Create your search profile now!

Apartments for rent in Amsterdam €/m2 – 2019

NeighborhoodQ1-2019 Q2-2019 Q3-2019 Q4-2019 
amstelveen€ 19.38€ 19.41€ 19.95€ 20.05
centrum€ 26.93€ 27.53€ 27.38€ 27.55
diemen€ 16.97€ 16.57€ 19.11€ 16.84
duivendrecht     € 17.00€ 17.33€ 13.93€ 15.00
nieuw-West€ 19.03€ 19.54€ 20.11€ 19.47
noord€ 19.07€ 19.05€ 21.06€ 20.60
oost€ 22.37€ 22.55€ 22.56€ 22.29
west€ 26.37€ 27.36€ 26.39€ 26.56
westpoort€ 25.09€ 24.80€ 24.36€ 26.65
zuid€ 25.42€ 26.03€ 26.30€ 26.36
zuidoost€ 17.85€ 17.98€ 17.82€ 16.92