Cheap apartments for rent in Amsterdam

This is how you find them!

We all want to live in Amsterdam, and preferably in the center. The beautiful center with its lovely canals where we can look at the boats floating by. But Amsterdam is not a cheap place to live in terms of rental cost. So how does one go about finding cheap apartments for rent in Amsterdam, preferably for less than €1.000 a month?

We have put together a short list of “must follow” advice to be successful and get your little gem. They are ranked from most important to very important!!!

Your location criteria must be flexible

You simply cannot expect to find the cheapest houses in the most expensive areas. There are studio’s and apartments in the center for €1.000 a month or less, however they only come by every now and again. To give you an idea, In the past 3 months RentSlam has found 12.231 apartments for rent in Amsterdam, only 1.341 (11%) of these had a rental fee up to €1.000. Of these cheap apartments 447 were inside the ring and only 122 in the center (so only 9% of the total was in the center).  You can of course get one of these 122, but you need to respond very fast and you need to be patient. You are better off choosing the whole of Amsterdam as your search criteria. Amsterdam Zuidoost is actually much nicer than most people think. Amsterdam Noord, Amsterdam Oost and Amsterdam Nieuw-west are good places to find cheap rentals.

Respond very fast to listings for cheap apartments for rent in Amsterdam

The beauty of the RentSlam service is that you get houses in your email as soon as they come online. This means you really can be one of the first to send in your application. If you set your email settings to Push, you can receive the mails within a minute. You will then only compete with other RentSlam users with the same search criteria and no longer with everyone else in Amsterdam. If you check your email hours after we sent it, you will be too late.

Your other criteria must be flexible as well

When looking for cheap apartments for rent in Amsterdam you must forget your demands for 75m2+ and trust me, if you are looking for more than a studio or a 1 bedroom, you are best off raising your budget. So if you are not looking to share a bed, then do not look under €1,000 if you are 2 or more people sharing.

Furnished vs unfurnished

If you are looking for a furnished place and an unfurnished place comes by within your budget, take it. You can easily furnish an apartment for a very low budget. People give away furniture for free online and if you want new stuff, Ikea and other shops can get you a long way for a low budget. Even if you have to start with a bed only and add other furniture later.

Immediately say yes at the viewing

So you were lucky enough to get invited to this cool apartment that is going for less than €1000 a month? Then you should know that if you do not say yes immediately, it will not be yours. There is no “I will let you know later today if I take it or not” because someone else will say yes before you do. Remember this, say yes immediately, and even try to get their approval in writing the same moment if at all possible.

Bonus – Are you sure about your budget?

Finding cheap apartments for rent in Amsterdam, within the center or the ring, becomes much easier if your budget is a bit higher. So take into account that living in the outskirts of Amsterdam might be cheaper, but you might end up spending the difference in transport to your place of work if you work in the city and need to commute every day.

We hope you follow this advice and that you find a great place to live soon.

Stop searching and start applying.

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25 thoughts on “Cheap apartments for rent in Amsterdam

    1. Hi Rosa,

      Apologies for the late reply. €500 is considered social housing. You can only get that legally through woningnet.

      Best regards,


  1. Hi! My name is Maxine Kvarnström and I’m looking to rent a room in Amsterdam for preferbly 500€ or less/month. I’m 19 years old and easygoing, orginally from Sweden.

    1. Hi Maxine,

      Sorry, but we do not do Rooms. You are best of trying on social media, but be very careful from scams.

      Best regards,


  2. Hi,

    Me (24) and my boyfriend (25) are looking for an appartment in Amsterdam. We do not have lots of criteria, but we only are looking for a place with a maximum rent of 1050 a month. We have to move our place before the first of January 2017, so we really need a new home! We are both young professionals (a psychologist and an office manager), we work fulltime, so not having a new home before the end of this year would be dramatic.

  3. Hello!,
    My name is Rosa and myself and three other friends are looking for a house or appartment in the centre of Amsterdam. We are all from Holland, and we are looking for quite a while. Maybe you can help us ?!
    The costs would be approximately
    around 370 – 490/500.
    We would like to move in next years July or August.
    Thank you in advance

    Regards, Rosa,Lotte,Mette and Joosje four girls ( 19 years old )

  4. Hello, my name is Nancy
    I’m looking for studio between 400-600
    If you can help please before 1st of December
    Thank you
    Reg’ Nancy

    1. Dear Nancy,

      A studio for €400 to €600 would be social housing. The only place to get that is at woningnet and they have an extremely long waiting list. May I suggest finding some friends to rent something bigger for a higher budget and then share.
      Best regards,

      1. Hi I look for apertment in amsterdam for me and wife and my kid 2 years I must leave place where I live in Mars .I hope I can found small one for max 900 euro

  5. Hi,

    I’m looking together with a friend to rent a two bed-room apartment for 1400-1600 euros (700-800 euros per person) in Amsterdam. We are full-time interns and are looking for the duration of 6 months to a year. We also need to be able to register at the city hall. Would we be able to find something through this website?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Alexandra,

      Yes you can. Actually we already have something avaiable for you, depending on the location you prefer. you can call me on 0611119337 or send me your number and I will call you.

      Best regards,


      1. Hi Peter,

        We are looking around the city center, Oud West, de Pijp or any similar neighbourhoods. Sorry for not calling, i am having a bit of a busy week at work, could I call after 6pm? If not, could we communicate by e-mail? Also, a small detail, we would be looking to find something starting with mid-January, preferably 1st of February.

        Thank you!

  6. Hi Rentslam,

    I already subscribed to your service and are about to renew my subscription, however the amount of offers we receive from you are in general not for students (specifically marked at the websites once opened, stating students are not allowed nor guarantee of parents). Is there any chance you could specify that more and send me more student offers/possibilities? Otherwise the ratio we receive is not very efficient for us and we will try to find another way as the offers we receive now are not applicable to us and we do pay for the service..

    1. Hi Rendy,

      Yes, this is a problem. What we advise you to do is to ask your parents to rent it for you (not guerentee, but rent). They can then ask the agency to add your name to the contract. This is often good enough.

  7. Hey,
    i am looking for a small Flat or even shared living . i could spend 600 euro per moth . would it be possible to finde something ? i work fulltime in the City Center in Amsterdam .

    Would be great to get some feedback .
    Regards zoe

    1. Hi Zoe,

      Unfortunately not. Rentals below €711 are considered social rent. You can only get them (legally) trough woningnet. They have long waiting lists though. Maybe better to find someone to share with and up your budget.

  8. Hi Rentslam,

    I do have a sufficient budget between 800-1.000 a month. Before I subscribe I’d like to find out if many of your suppliers require a salary of 4x rent?
    For many appartements I have been interested in lately, this is an applying rule which makes it hard to find something.
    If you have any other tips for this issue, I would be happy to hear.

    1. Hi Myrthe,

      Woningbouwverenigingen usually need 3x the rent as gross salary requirement. It is 4x when you base the income on 2 salaries. The other offering, from real estate agents and private people, are not as strict. They will often use the 3x as a guideline, but they are flexible and just want to make sure you can actually pay the rent. If you make less than the required, you could offer to leave a bigger deposit for example. This however will not work with the woningbouwverenigingen.

  9. Hi, I am from Spain, I already living in Amsterdam, but I would like to find a flat for me and a friend for the end of february. I am looking for a place where it takes no more than 20 minutes by bike to the centre. I don’t care if the flat is furnished or not, I would like to see all the posible options. Could it be possible find something like this for around 1000 euros? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Jesus,

      It should be possible, but it depends on your search criteria. If you are looking for 2 bedrooms for mat €1000 it is not so easy, and probably only possible in a few areas, like Zuid-oost and maybe Noord or Nieuw-west. If 1 bedroom is enough, that you could find something in almost all areas.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      You can register on

      Best regards,

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