You want to rent out your house and you need to find a tenant. How do you go about it? There are many ways to find tenants. You can do it yourself, you can rent out your house with some help or you can use a  real estate agent to outsource the whole process. Doing it yourself often seems like a challenge and raise a lot of questions. It might even seem difficult or even a bit scary. If you have the right approach, it is actually very easy. Questions you might have are:

How do I make a good presentation of my property?
How do I get reliable tenants?
How do I know which contract to use?

To all these questions there is of curse an answer and for all tasks there is support. Read here about how you can find a tenant and rent our your house online yourself.

  • Create a good presentation of your house
  • List your property on the right channels
  • Choose the right tenant
  • Create a good contract

Create a good presentation of your house

A good presentation is nothing more than a clear description and good pictures of the property.

The description should clearly detail what type of property it is, including the size in square meters, the number of bedrooms and preferences or hard criteria you have concerning the type of tenant you want. You could also mention additional interesting information, such as public transport, noteworthy sights etc. in the neighborhood, but it is not essential. Of course, it is better if you write it in both English and Dutch.

Good pictures have 2 important criteria. The area must be tidy. Pictures of a messy area with clutter are not good. So don’t just clean, but also tidy up your apartment before taking the pictures. Lighting is very important for pictures. The best light is daylight, so try and take the pictures at a time when you get the most daylight into your house. Also, try to take them from an angle or spot in the room where you get the most area of that room onto the picture.

List your property on the right channels

What are the right channels to find a tenant, where can you list your property so you can rent out your house yourself? RentSlam is certainly the right place. We have may actively looking tenants. So if you really want to do it all by yourself, then create an account and start uploading your house. You can certainly also use channels such as Facebook and Craigslist. However, if you do, do so with caution, as there are lots of scammers active on those platforms.

You could also choose to list your property on the larger property websites such as Funda and/or Pararius. You will need a real estate agent to do that for you though. Would you like to use these channels, then choose the “Rent out your house with help” or the  “use a real estate agent” option.

Choose the right tenant

There are lots of things to say about the right tenant. Do you only consider their income or their employer, or will you also do background checks?

In most cases, we would advise to at least meet the candidates during the viewings and take the time to have a chat with them. You will very quickly find out if you have a click with them and if you would like to rent out your apartment to them. If you still have doubts, ask them for their payslips, employment contract and a copy of their ID.

Create a good contract

This is often the toughest hurdle when “renting out your property yourself”. However, there are enough standard contracts that you can download. A good start are the ROZ model contracts.

When using RentSlam, the contracts are automatically created for you, so you do not have to worry about that.

Upload your house!