Finding a house for rent in Amsterdam: this is what we have learned in 2017

What’s up with searching for a house for rent in Amsterdam? Knowing where you are can help you figure out where to go. Finding a house for rent in Amsterdam: the most interesting developments in the Amsterdam housing market of 2017 at a glance.

1. Renters in the free sector barely more expensive

For a long time, rents in Amsterdam were a kind of Himalayan mountain range that did not seem to end. In the meantime, we are at the top, and the price can only go down. Our wallet is empty, we can’t possibly pay more, so the demands of landlords will have to become a bit more realistic. In the first quarter prices even went down slightly in the free sector, in quarter two and three they stagnated.

2. Choose a city park as a neighbor

Yes, you read that right. Better a good neighbor than a distant friend. In this case, that is a park. Every year there are 1200 new Amsterdammers and they want to recreate. That is why the city invests 16 million in six Amsterdam city parks: Noorderpark, Sloterpark, Rembrandtpark, Westerpak, Gaasperpark and the Martin Luther Kingpark. This is where the magic happens in the coming years, and if you are smart, you will live very close to them.

3. Amsterdam builds, and builds affordable

40 percent of the 50,000 homes that are being built in Amsterdam until 2025 are of the middle segment. The city focuses on affordable housing, and affordable would mean about €850. In fact, new neighborhoods will be built up in the coming years. Finding a house for rent in Amsterdam: It has become an impressive list of building projects. Some are still a pile of mud, but know where the focus is going and make sure you are on time.

4. Some neighborhoods are so much more fun than you think

The most affordable districts in Amsterdam are Zuidoost, Nieuw-West, and Noord. And yes, the one you reach with the ferry and the other with the subway, but there is so much more. And remember: it’s a start, dreams about roof terraces and jacuzzis can also be done in a few years.

Finding a house in Amsterdam: How can RentSlam help?

Let us help you find a rental property in 2018. We know how difficult it is and what to look out for. To be very honest, we were slowly going crazy with all the steps we had to go through to find a rental home in Amsterdam. That is why we started RentSlam. Our service always sends you an e-mail at the moment that a house appears online that meets your requirements. We only work with reliable sources, so you do not have to worry about scams. And it saves an incredible amount of time, because checking sources 10 times a day is no longer necessary. Just go for it.

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