How to afford that great rental property

If it were up to us, rental property would be much cheaper in Amsterdam. It’s not easy getting  property under a thousand euros a month, but it’s possible. However, if you were to up your budget a little, much more rental property is available. If you have around €1200 to spend, your options incease. Also, being flexible regarding your criteria helps of course. We have jotted down some of the things you can do to get a bit more rental budget.

Moving and decorating

Lets try to keep your savings jar for decorations and furishing as full as possible. Whatever you don’t spend, you have left over for rent. Go to the “Kringloop winkel” (a place that gives furniture a second life),  and the outlets of cool shops like Loods 5. By doing so, you might be saving lots of money on furniture. You have a couch already? Instead of replacing it, try getting a new cover to make it look great again. Or get inspired on Pinterest on how to turn that old Ikea stuff into cool new feats. Get a friend with a van to help you move and save the extra cost of a moving company.

Pull that plug

You don’t need to spend tons on furnishing, but good quality appliances are important. Refrigerators use up 20% of all energy worldwide, so get the most energy efficient model you can for your expensive rental property. On the long run it saves you lots of money. Also, make sure to pull the plug of all those unused appliances, phone chargers etc. Don’t just leave everything on standby mode. This could save you up to €50 a month.

The fixed costs of your rental property

On some things you have no influence as a tenant, like the insurance, utilities company, internetprovider etc. when chosen by the owner. Besides, it is very boring to sort this stuff out. It could however pay off big time, if the landlord is open to change. Whatever you do, make sure you check all you insurances, like healthcare, car etc. and then get yourself a treat after, as a reward.

Make some extra cash (with your rental)

Saving is great, but how can we make some money? Is your house in a great location? Ask your landlord permission to rent the property on AirBnB once in a while. Make sure the community of owners (VVE) allows it. Even if you were to rent it only when you are on a holiday yourself, of just a couple of weekends a year, it could bring in those extra couple of hundreds you need. Moving is by the way the best time to get rid of everything you havent used in over a year. Sell your old furniture on Marktplaats and your clothes and other stuff on the biggest flea market in Europe: de IJ-Hallen.

Ready for RentSlam?

RentSlam checks for new rentals every couple of minutes on all mayor housing sites. As soon as there is a match with your criteria, we send you an email. This means you can respond the second a new rental comes online. This save you a lot of time and increases your chances.

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