Why you should rent out your home with RentSlam

There are many reasons for people to rent out their home. Temporary stay abroad, relationships, or any other. Finding the right tenants is very important, but if you want to rent out your house, there are also rules and regulations you need to take into account. Up to date market knowledge is important for setting the right price and so forth. You have the option of going with a traditional real estate agent, however you would be looking to paying a heavy commission, from 8 to 12 % of the rental fee, which is approximately 1 month rent.

The right tenant

Finding the right tenant is important for many reasons. It is often said that getting an expat is the best, they have high incomes and always leave at some point int time. Although Expats are great tenants, locals can be just as good. A tenant needs to be evaluated on a personal level, and not just looked at regarding their nationality or occupation.

The right tenantsAt RentSlam we have hundreds of tenants actively looking to rent a place. There is a healthy mix of expats and locals, so even if you have specific requirements, you can always find the right person for you. We insist that the best way to select a tenant in by meeting with them during a viewing. This will give you a good picture and feeling about the person you are dealing with. On top, we can always do a background check if you have any doubts.

The fact that we have so many tenants actively looking also means that you can rent out your home very fast. In some cases we have rented out a house the same day it was listed with us. But most of our home owners find the right tenant within a week. This means you are not losing money due to non-occupancy.

The right knowledge

Knowing the market and being up-to-date with the rules and regulations is important if you want to rent out your home without getting into trouble. Questions that can arise are for instance; is my house free sector or social, do I need permission to rent out my house, what is the right price?

At RentSlam we have answers to these questions. We will help you get the right tenant, but at the same time be safe and avoid problems in future. We have good contracts that you can use with your tenants in both Dutch and English. If you want to rent out your house, contact us, even if you are planning to do it all yourself, we are still more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

The right commission

Real estate agents are a good option. They are however not cheap. They usually charge you 8 to 12% commission. This is often not in line with the work they do. It is understandable, as there is lots of manual work involved. At RentSlam we let you do some of the tasks yourself, automate some tasks and do some manually. This means we only charge you 2% commission, that is a 75% saving. And if really want us to do everything, that is also possible. The price will be a bit higher, but still less than half of what you would pay an agency.

List your property for rent with RentSlam

Don’t hesitate any longer. list your property with Rentslam and find the right tenants fast. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate and contact us. We are readily available to help you, and take pleasure in doing so. Looking forward to speaking with you.