Low cost rentals in Amsterdam North

Amsterdam North – the figures. All you need to way the pluses and the minuses against each other. We think renting in Amsterdam North is a good idea. But what do low cost rentals in Amsterdam North set you back every month, and what should you expect for that?

Low cost rentals in Amsterdam North

Take a leap, hop on the ferry, because the cheapest houses are in Amsterdam North. RentSlam has been collecting data about rental properties in Amsterdam for about a year now. The average rental price per m2 in the center is a whopping € 24,00.  If we take Amsterdam as a whole, the average price per m2 is € 21,00 per month. Per square meter you pay 16,65 euro in Amsterdam North.

Get to know your neighbors in North

Amsterdam North counts about 91.000 residents and over 41.000 homes. RentSlam counts about 750 new rentals every year on North. One of them could be yours. 45% of your neighbors lives alone, so there arent many kids running around. Another fun fact is that 13% of your neighbors on North has an income above € 42.000,- per year. In Amsterdam center that is about 30%, but still…

Become a happy camper in North

Take the trip, don’t be lazy, just do it and go to Amsterdam North. While you are there, stop by at Royalvis in the Van der Pekstraat. They have the very best calamaris that you have every tasted. Squeeze on a bit of lemon en you will be a happy camper… in Amsterdam North.

Find your rental with RentSlam

What RentSlam does is search almost every place online for new available rental apartments in Amsterdam. We do this every couple of minutes and match the new properties with your search criteria. As soon as there is a match, we send you the link to that property by email. You can now respond to any rental apartment in Amsterdam as soon as it comes online and without wasting your time searching for it.

Try it for a month and let us know what you think.

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