nieuwe huurwoning

Moving to a new apartment

You rented a new apartment, and now? How awesome, congratulations with your new apartment. Exciting times are ahead, but moving is a stressful time. You have to think about many things and make loads of arrangements. Let’s hope you don’t forget anything… Packing Packing properly seems daft, but it really helps, more than you might…

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Huurwoning in Rotterdam

Top 10 tips rental apartments in Rotterdam

How do I find rental apartments in Rotterdam? Rental prices are going sky high and cometition is getting fierce. How do I get my new rental apartment in Rotterdam? Searching on many different websites takes loads of time and often you will be too late to apply. So, get a real estate agent, or do…

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Goedkoopste huurwoningen in Amsterdam

Cheapest rentals in Amsterdam – 2018

Ok, let’s be honest, rentals in Amsterdam are not exactly cheap. That’s why we have written the third edition of this blog in which we tell you which neighborhoods are the cheapest rentals in Amsterdam (read: least expensive) In 2017 the top 3 was; Zuidoost, Nieuw-West and Noord.  We have collected all the data of the…

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huurwoning tips

Top 10 Tips Long term rentals in Amsterdam 2018

How to get long term rentals in Amsterdam What is the best way to get a long term rentals in Amsterdam? You can of course just start looking around on the many websites available or get a real estate agent involved. But as Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”…

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3x I want the best tenants to rent my house

Every day we have tenants on the phone, we listen to their questions and answer their emails. Apart from the basics, we learn time and time again which information is important to them. Information that you can use to rent out your home faster and find the nicest tenants for your home in Amsterdam. Read…

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5x How to find apartments for rent in Amsterdam from abroad

The stress level with regard to finding apartments for rent in Amsterdam increases considerably when this has to be done with miles of land in between. Where do you start and what do you have to pay attention to if you want to rent a house in Amsterdam from abroad? A list of tips, for…

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Find the best tenants for renting out your house

For renting out your house you need a list of possible tenants. Real good ones. Residents who stay for a long time. Since there is quite a lot of rotation in the Amsterdam housing market, it is useful to have a number of them on hand. Only where do you get those loyal, neat, paying…

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4 tips to get a rental house in Amsterdam in 4 weeks

It took the owner of RentSlam much longer than 4 weeks the first time to find a rental house in Amsterdam (it took him over 4 months). He now lives on the Prinsengracht and every day he answers dozens of phone calls with questions about the Amsterdam rental market. All his advice is now clearly…

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Renting in Zuidoost – The nicest neighborhoods to find a house in

In this series we focus on the neighborhoods where affordable rentals are still available. Our goal is to track down those streets that everyone overlooks or don’t know about, while they are more than worth the effort to rent a house. Then you know exactly where to look. This month: renting in Zuidoost. Amsterdam Zuidoost…

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The best way for moving house in Amsterdam is, to do it yourself

Ok, if you are smart, you move in winter time. The chances of getting a new rental apartment is much higher, because the rest of the city is busy with the holidays. In addition, we do the moving house in Amsterdam ourselves, the more euros we can save, the better. And since winter is upon us, we’ll…

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