So you want to rent out your house or have already rented it out. But you need to manage the property. Of course, you can do many things yourself, but maybe you don’t have time for it or maybe you have already moved abroad. Managing rented property is very important. The house must be maintained properly, the finances must be taken care of and administration must be up-to-date. RentSlam can help you with professional property management of your house(s). Full-service property management is an option, but you can of course also choose for financial management of technical management only.

Technical property management

Technical management is mainly about communicating with tenants and do repairs and maintenance to the house when necessary. The following topics are all part of technical management.

  • 24/7 emergency service for tenants
  • Resolve any issues with help of our network of contractors, plumbers, and handymen.
  • Necessary maintenance
  • Act as contact for the VvE (community of owners) for large maintenance
  • Analysis and advice for possible renovations

Financial property management

Financial management is obviously about money. This includes payment of the rent, utilities etc. The below items are amongst those included in financial management.

  • Collect utilities and service costs
  • Collecting the rent (if required)
  • Transfering the rent to the owner (if required)
  • Guidance and advice on debt collection & eviction procedure
  • Overview of total income en spend
  • Payments to 3rd party service providers
  • Efficiency calculations and optimization

Administrative property management

Administrative management is all about communication with the tenant and the VVE. The below items are amongst those included in administrative management.

  • Correspondence with the VVE
  • Contact person from the landlord to the tenant
  • Creation of rental agreements
  • Tenants-check
  • Check-in and check-out with change of tenant(s)
  • Key-management

Property management with RentSlam

Whichever form of property management you need, you are in great hands withRentSlam. We work closely together with very professional property managers. We can thus take care of all the work for you, and best of all take away all your worries.

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