You want to rent out your house in Amsterdam, but you don’t have the time or simply can’t be bothered to do it yourself. What then, use the services of a real estate agent? But which rental real estate agent is professional, trustworthy and really represent your interests as a landlord?

With RentSlam you are in good hands. We only work with trustworthy real estate agents. But there is more than that. We give the real estate agents we work with up to date information regarding the rental real estate market. All the data we collect every day is very valuable in determining, for example, the right monthly rental fee. We also allow the real estate agents to access our database of actively looking tenants, so your house will be rented out much faster. The real estate agents we work with all work on a no-cure-no-pay basis, so you are assured they will always do their utmost best for you. And we as RentSlam also guarantee that.

Extra advantages of a real estate agent with RentSlam

Besides trustworthiness, there are thus several reasons to choose for a rental real estate agent with RentSlam. Below some examples.

Determining the monthly rent

Rental real estate agents in Amsterdam advise you about the right amount of rent based on experience, other rented properties in the neighborhood and on statistics published about the rental prices.  But RentSlam finds and analyses all properties listed for rent, and we do so every single day. This makes our information very up-to-date and very accurate.

But at least as important, we have a large database of actively looking tenants of whom we know exactly what type of house they want, in which neighborhoods and what their budget is.

The combination of these pieces of information allow the real estate agents we work with to be well informed and give you sound advise.

Determining the right rental price is very important. Often people try to go for absolute maximum prices, as they think it makes the most sense financially. However, this often is not the case. If your price is set to high, it will take you longer to find a tenant. €100 too high is €1200 per year more income, but at a rental price of €1500 make more money on a 1-year contract than if you would need an extra month to rent it at €1600. Set the rent too low, and you will be overwhelmed with the number of potential tenants. This causes lots of extra work but also means you are making less money than you should.

Finding tenants

As mentioned above, leaving your house vacant is not great, as you are missing out on potential income. But when the price is set properly? Then it becomes important to get the right amount of potential tenants as fast as possible.

By working with RentSlam our rental real estate agents have direct access to all our actively looking tenants. This means they can work really fast, need less time to find tenants and thus have more time to spend on pre-selecting tenants. This is the easiest and best way to get the right, trustworthy tenant for your property.

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