Rent an apartment in Amsterdam: 5 tips to give you a head start

If you want to rent an apartment in Amsterdam, you need some tips. You need a plan. You need a structured approach. Because finding an apartment that is available for rent is a challenge. So don’t get stuck on your own, start “operation Find a house for rent in Amsterdam” and get those keys your new apartment. With these tips you will succeed.

Tip 1: Respond fast to rental properties

Respond fast!
Faster than everyone!

You can, with RentSlam

Did you find an apartment you like? Jump on it! Plan a viewing that same day. Still like it after the viewing and want to rent the apartment? Say yes immediately. Before you know it someone else beats you to it. Often – especially in Amsterdam – dozens of people are interested in the same property.

Tip 2: Prepare all relevant documents

Real estate agents often need documents like an employment contract or salary slips. If you have them readily available, even with you at the viewing, you have a clear advantage over your competition.

Tip 3: Agency commissions, the do’s and don’ts

When you find a an apartment for rent on a website, a real estate agent is not allowed to charge you commission for renting it to you. Many agents try to do it anyway. Commission of a months rent is a lot of money. If you refuse to pay, they will not rent it to you. So pay that commission and after you have signed the contract and moved in, ask the agent for your money back, pointing out the legal side of commissions. In most cases this will work.

Tip 4: Real estate agents like it tidy

This tip may seem very trivial, and almost absurd, but if you want to rent an apartment in Amsterdam, you need to make sure you are at the viewing on time. If not, the agent will either be gone already, or at least no longer take you serious. It is also important to look presentable. You would also rather rent out your home to someone that looks like they will take good care of your home.

Tip 5: Rent an apartment in Amsterdam with RentSlam

It is definitely possible to rent an apartment in Amsterdam. Especially if you follow these tips. But to be honest, all the searching on the many websites drove us nuts. That is why we started RentSlam. Our service will send you all properties matching your search criteria the minute they come available. This way you wont have to waste hours a day searching and you can apply very fast, before most others have even seen the listing. So don’t waste any more time and use RentSlam.

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