Rent an apartment in Rotterdam within 2 weeks

Huurwoning in Rotterdam

Are you in a hurry to rent an apartment in Rotterdam? You can get one in the free sector within 2 weeks or less. To do so, you will need to go about it the right way. Below you can read the steps you need to take to take to make it happen.

Tip 1: Be realistic

Having realistic demands is the most important thing. Only the absolute must haves should be on your list of requirements. You can always add the “nice to haves” later, if it turns out there is enough on offer for your search criteria. You need to know what the rental prices are in the neighborhoods you are interested in. Read this guide for the cheapest neighborhoods in Rotterdam. A 4 bedroom apartment in the center of Rotterdam below €1000 is simply not realistic.

Tip 2: Know where to look

If you know where most of the properties are offered, it will save you lots of time searching. But if you only focus on the larger websites like Funda and Pararius you will miss out on a large part of the listings. So make sure you also include many of the smaller sources like VBO or StadenLandrentals in your search as well. RentSlam continuously scans for new listings on more than 50 different sites 24/7. And also beware of scams. Sites that have great listings for way too low prices, or owners that ask for money up front are never to be trusted.

Tip 3: Search many times a day

If you really want to have a shot at finding something quickly, you must be one of the first people to find that apartment listing. To do so, you will have to search many times a day. If you only search once or twice a day, you will almost always be to late, as many others will have applied before you. New apartments are listed throughout the day, so check your sources many times every day.

Checking all sources 10x a day?
Nobody wants to do that, right?

No, me neither!

Tip 4: Free up some time

It isn’t easy to do all that work, and it takes a lot of time. If you also need to appear at viewings quickly, it is important you are are able to get time off. So we advise to take at least 1 week of holidays so you can go to viewings. Some of our customers told us they planned the next viewing on the way to the viewings. By doing so they managed to rent an apartment in a couple of days.

Tip 5: Adjust your criteria

If you haven’t found any good apartments during your first week, adjust your search criteria. Maybe you can increase your budget a little or add other neighborhoods to the search. Remember to also adjust any changes to the email alerts you have set.

Rent an apartment in Rotterdam faster with RentSlam

To be quite honest, doing all this work drove us mad. That is why we started RentSlam. Our service sends you emails with matching property instantly as they become available. We only use trustworthy sources, so you don’t need to worry about scams. It really saves you so much time, because you no longer need to search all those sites 10 times a day. It really works, and most of our customers find an apartment fast.

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