Rent an apartment in Utrecht within 2 weeks


Are you in a hurry to rent an apartment in Utrecht? It might seem impossible, but you really can do it in 2 weeks or less. Free sector housing does not have a waiting list, but it there is a lot of competition. So if you want to be successful in renting an apartment fast, you need a solid plan. Below you can read what you need to do to rent an apartment in Utrecht within 2 weeks.

Tip 1: Realistic wish list

We all have our requirements and even mores wishes. But only the absolute must haves are important. Of course there is room for the “nice to haves”, but it might take considerably longer to find the right apartment that way. You could also add the additional criteria to your search when you find out there is enough on offer within your budget. Having the right budget is extremely important. But the same budget can get you totally different houses in different areas, depending on where you want to live. So it is important to know the differences from one neighborhood to the next. Read about the cheapest neighborhoods in Utrecht to get an idea. An apartment with 2 bedrooms in the center of Utrecht, or in Noord-Oost wil be hard to find on a budget below € 1000,- but perhaps in Leidsche Rijn you can still get one.

Tip 2: Know where to find the listings

Apartments for rent are listed on a multitude of websites. If you have a list of these websites, you can search much more effectively. Don’t make the mistake of only looking on a couple of the bigger websites like Pararius and Funda. They might have lots of listings, but not nearly all there is on offer. Include as many of the smaller websites like Nederwoon or VGWhousing as well. RentSlam continuously monitors all trustworthy website 24/7. This is how we find more rental apartments than any other service out there. You also need to be careful with fake sites that offer great apartments for low prices. Those are almost always a scam.

Tip 3: Search 10 times a day

Maybe it sounds exaggerated, but it isn’t. There are so many people looking for that same apartment as you are, that you really must be one of the first to find it and apply if you want to have a realistic chance of renting it. Searching 2 times a day will not get the job done, as most of the time you will be too late and will not be among the first few to apply. New rentals are listed online throughout the day, so you must check all the websites as often as you possibly can.

Checking all those websites 10x a day…
Nobody wants that, right?

No, me neither!

Tip 4: Take a week off

It is a lot of work to find all the rental listings on time. And you also need to attend multiple viewings to be able to rent that great apartment. But viewings are almost always during office hours. Real estate agents don’t like doing them in the evenings or on the weekends. So take a week off work and responds to as many listings as you can and attend as many viewings as possible. Customers often tell us that on the way to viewings they schedule their next viewing. That has helped them to rent a place in a matter of days.

Tip 5: Adjust your search criteria

If within the first week of searching you haven’t found enough matching rentals, it is time to change your search criteria. Add more neighborhoods, increase your budget or rethink the minimum amount of m2. Don’t forget to adjust them as well in any email notifications that you have set.

Rent an apartment in Utrecht faster

To be quite honest, doing all this work drove us mad. That is why we started RentSlam. Our service sends you emails with matching property instantly as they become available. We only use trustworthy sources, so you don’t need to worry about scams. It really saves you so much time, because you no longer need to search all those sites 10 times a day. It really works, and most of our customers find an apartment fast.

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