You want to rent out your house yourself, but you could use some help? That is quite understandable. You can do it all yourself, but a little help is always welcome. It saves you time and takes away the worries. But how to go about it? What do you do yourself, and what do you ask help with?

Rent out your house – what to do yourself?

Create a good presentation of your house

A good presentation is nothing more than a clear description and good pictures of the property.

The description should clearly detail the price, what type of property it is, including the size in square meters, the number of bedrooms, when it would be available and for how long. How much the safety deposit is and any preferences or anything you would like to mention about the type of tenant you want. You could also mention additional interesting information, such as public transport, noteworthy sights etc. in the neighborhood, but it is not essential. Of course, it is better if you write it in both English and Dutch.

Good pictures have 2 important criteria. The area must be tidy. Pictures of a messy area with clutter are no good. So don’t just clean, but also tidy up your apartment before taking the pictures. Lighting is very important for pictures. The best light is daylight, so try and take the pictures at a time when you get the most daylight into your house, preferably on a sunny day. Also, try to take them from an angle or spot in the room where you get the most area of that room onto the picture.

The Viewing(s)

Viewings are very important when you rent out your house. Many landlords outsource this completely. But don’t you want to know who will be living in your house? Especially this part is good to do yourself. And, as it saves the real estate agent lots of time, it is much cheaper this way.

Make sure your house is tidy and clean so you can show all rooms. Take your time for each viewing, and make clear appointments regarding the time you meet at the house. TIP: call the tenant before the viewing to make sure that they will indeed be there.

What the real estate agent does

Listing your property on the right channels

The real estate agent will list your property on the right channels. Besides on this could also be on Funda and/or Pararius. But not to forget, and maybe even more important, they will spread it through their own network of real estate agents throughout the whole city and international companies and that bring employees to the Netherlands.

Pre-selecting candidates

Of course, you are the one that ultimately decides who you will rent your house to. But it is extremely useful to have the real estate agent pre-select the candidates. From experience they already know who will be good tenants and if there is a fit for you and the house. This saves you a lot of viewings and thus time when you rent out your house.

Creating the contract

The real estate agent will create the contract, so you don’t have to worry about that at all. You can, of course, discuss specific requirements you have regarding additional clauses and the type of contract.


One of the professional selected real estate agents we work with, will, of course, help you with this process. Not only with the tasks they will do, but also with sound advice. You can ask questions before, during and after renting you rent out your house.

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