Why your rental property is in the Jordaan.

To some it might seem strange to pay a large sum of money for a small rental property in a narrow street in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam. And you will probably be much more successful in finding a rental property in Amsterdam-Noord if you were to take the ferry. But you want to live in the Jordaan, that neighborhood which has been sung about in many original songs from Amsterdam. RentSlam gathered some important data about rental property in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam, so you can know what you are getting yourself into as a new tenant.

Who will be your neighbors in the Jordaan

You will have about 19.000 neighbors. About 45% is aged from 24 to 49. Besides the many tourists the Jordaan is a very mixed neighborhood. People from many countries encounter each other in its narrow streets. 53% of your neighbors are highly educated and about 25% earns more than 42.800 a year*. Nice to know facts.

How many rental properties are available in the Jordaan?

In the Jordaan there are about 13.000 rental homes. About 65% of those homes are occupied by only 1 person. Not so strange if you think about it, because these former worker homes are not too big. In total about 4400 properties were available for rent in the whole center of Amsterdam. So you should be able to get one.

What is the average price of rental property in the Jordaan?

Rentslam has been collecting data about rental prices for about a year now and has learnt a lot about rental property in Amsterdam. The average rental price per m2 in the center is € 24,00. To give you an idea, the average price per m2 in Groningen is € 11,00. If we take Amsterdam as a whole, the average price per m2 is € 21.00. So a rental property in the Jordaan of about 45m2 should set you back between €945,- and € 1080,- per month. Also interesting to know is that the average WOZ-value (the amount the municipality thinks your property is worth) is about € 323,868 for this neighborhood.

Parking in the Jordaan

Don’t get put off by the price. But there is one more thing you should take into account when considering to move to the Jordaan. The waiting list for a parking permit is about 22 months and costs € 535,00 per year. Oh well… Biking is much better anyways.

Ready for your rental property in the Jordaan?

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*Source: Most numbers are from the report of the Amsterdam municipality: Stadsdelen in cijfers 2015.