Renting in Zuidoost – The nicest neighborhoods to find a house in

In this series we focus on the neighborhoods where affordable rentals are still available. Our goal is to track down those streets that everyone overlooks or don’t know about, while they are more than worth the effort to rent a house. Then you know exactly where to look. This month: renting in Zuidoost.

Amsterdam Zuidoost in short:

  • Renting in Zuidoost costs 13.30 euros per m2 on average, making it the cheapest neighborhood in Amsterdam.
  • There are more than 38,000 homes in Zuidoost. Just to paint a picture: the Center contains 54,000 houses and is 2.5 times smaller.
  • Nowhere else can you find so much green, trees and parks in any district in Amsterdam.

Emerald in the E-district of Zuidoost even wins prizes

Emerald is a low-rise neighborhood near Ganzenhoef metro station with no fewer than 170 family homes. The properties are affordable and spacious, hence the winner of the Amsterdam New Building Award 2017. For a family home you pay between 905 euros and 985 euros. The characteristic of Southeast normally is its rawness combined with lovely public gardens. This residential area seems to be lost with its courtyards and small streets, that makes it so nice.

Renting in Zuidoost is best at the Gaasperplan

It is deafeningly quiet. As if you were not living in Amsterdam, but you do. Your backyard consists of the Gaasperplaspark where you can go for long walks and the Gaasperplas, both absolute gems. Within fifteen minutes of cycling you are in Abcoude where they have the best apple pie at the Eendracht and in the village such a nice old fashioned Hema. Within half an hour by metro you are in the city and the Amsterdamse Poort is also ten minutes cycling.

Windy office district gets 15,000 homes

The area between the Johan Cruijff Arena and the AMC is now a monotonous, windy office area. Now they are building, preferably high-rise buildings. No less than 15,000 in total. The first 5,000 will be built over the next ten years. Ok, in terms of renting in Southeast this is long-term thinking, we understand that, but this district is so much in development that we mention it anyway. The municipality sees it as a new chapter in the many expansion plans for the city. Who knows what that will do for the surrounding neighborhoods.

How can RentSlam help?

The rent is the lowest in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Let us help you find an awesome rental house. To be very honest, we were slowly going crazy with all the steps we had to go through to find a rental home in Amsterdam. That is why we started RentSlam. Our service always sends you an e-mail at the moment that a house appears online that meets your requirements. We only work with reliable sources, so you do not have to worry about scammers. And it saves an incredible amount of time, because checking sources 10 times a day is no longer necessary. Just go for it.

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