Laura & LaurensLaura & Laurens

I have tried many websites and real estate agents, without success. With RentSlam I had a house in 2 weeks. We now live in a beautiful, spacious, affordable apartment at the Zeedijk! Wauw! Peter was very helpful and friendly during and after the process. We are very happy!

Good luck,

Laura & Laurens.



Thank you so much for helping me find a house in the jungle of Amsterdam! Rentslam saved me lots of time browsing the Internet for apartments. They increased my chances incredibly by allowing me to respond sooner. Thanks to Rentslam I found an apartment that is perfect for me and within my budget. I doubt I would’ve come across it without their service.

Thank you!!



Olga & BalázsOlga & Balázs

We have heard all these horror stories about how hard it is to find a nice apartment in Amsterdam… Surprisingly, within two weeks after signing up to RentSlam we have signed the contract for our new apartment. The apartment was exactly what we were looking for, in an old Dutch house with big windows, leaning walls, narrow but cute stairs. 🙂 We would recommend RentSlam to anyone: they are quick, helpful, and the price per value is amazing. And in our case, no need to deal with real estate agents 😉

Best Regards,

Olga & Balázs.


Corby & LizzieCorby & Lizzie

We had a great experience with RentSlam. Peter went above and beyond to help us find an apartment within a couple weeks. We would highly recommend this reasonably priced service and will be using it the next time we move in Amsterdam without a doubt.

Best Regards,

Corby & Lizzie.



Searching a place is very difficult in Amsterdam. That is why I decided to subscribe to Rentslam. Every day I received many suggestions. Eventually I found a place via Rentslam. The search filter works pretty good and you can update it as often as you want.

Thanks for your help. Kind regards,




I have been looking for an apartment for two months. It was really difficult to find places that were still available. However, a friend of mine suggested using RentSlam. With RentSlam I was able to be one of the first candidates to respond and thus getting invited to viewings. So thanks to RentSlam I’ve finally found a place to stay.

Best regards,



CaterinaCaterina and Niko

We had been looking for an apartment in Amsterdam for quite some time. We used to look on many websites at least 3 times a day. We found that we were either never invited to viewings, or ran into scams. Once we signed up for RentSlam it all changed and went really fast. We received many e-mails with lots of rentals. Everything within our price range and matching our search criteria. Because we were able to respond immediately, we were invited to many viewings. After having viewed 6 apartments within 2 days of using the service, we were selected for an apartment. A couple of days later we signed the contract and received the keys. We were very happy we found RentSlam. We have even gone to their office and met with the team that created the service.

The fact that RentSlam sent us rentals from so many different sources made the difference. It really saved us lots of time. We received many more available rentals than we could have possibly found by ourselves. What we learned was that speed is key in finding a place to live. You have to get there first! We were actually checking the RentSlam emails on our way to, and in between viewings, to arrange our next viewing. This worked perfectly.

We hope you will have the same success we had, we are loving our new home.


Caterina and Niko.


Jack & SophieJack and Sophia

Moving from the UK, our first experience of house hunting in Amsterdam lived up to the hype – it is extremely competitive, full of scams and difficult to find somewhere in a good location for a fair price. Searching for places to live felt like a full-time job. After over a month, we settled on a place out of desperation. We had a home, but it was a compromise.

A few months later and we felt like we had found our feet, so we plucked up the courage to look again. It felt like a leap of faith. We asked everyone we knew how they found somewhere to live. Turns out there was no secret method, it’s just really hard.

As we began to doubt whether it was worth taking the risk, RentSlam appeared on my Facebook feed. With the clock ticking, I jumped at the opportunity to cut out the time spent clicking through dozens of websites all day.

After signing up, my inbox came to life and suddenly the whole process seemed manageable. In one week, I had over 10 viewings and I felt comfortable turning places down that weren’t quite right.

Two weeks after signing up, we signed a contract and are now living happily in an amazing place, in an amazing location!

I can highly recommend using RentSlam if you are looking to rent a place in Amsterdam.

Best regards.

Jack and Sophie.



Big thanks to Rentslam and a special thank you to Peter who were the greatest help you can ask for when looking for a flat in Amsterdam!

I was able to schedule several viewing within days and found an apartment in the centre of the city within the first week of my Rentslam subscription. Rentslam was there for me from the beginning even till after I moved into the house and answered all my questions and was there for my concerns. I can only recommend Rentslam to anyone that is looking for a trustworthy and reliable organization!

Big thanks and all the best!




Fortunately, I was able to stay with family upon arrival, so I was not under such pressure as I understand most people are. After staying with my cousin for a while, I decided it was time to find my own apartment. I first started searching the many websites and I found many nice listings. However, I soon came to understand that it was almost impossible to rent them. By the time I got there and responded, they were already rented out. In many cases I was also not very confident about the legitimacy of the “so called” owner. When I started using Rentslam that all changed. I got invited to view almost every house I responded to. The housing search became fun instead of dreadful. It took me very little time to find the perfect apartment in the center of Amsterdam.

I do recommend that you offer to pay half a year or a year in advance if you do not have a fixed income. Not meeting income requirements, like was my situation, can make it a bit harder. But this way, it becomes much easier to be selected. (Be aware of scams though, I have seen many of those using other services. Fortunately, none on Rentslam though.) Love the service.

Best regards,



WansaWansa and Dominic

We had been looking for an apartment for quite some time. It was hard and time consuming to say the least. There are so many websites with long term rentals. Some are not even up-to-date, or difficult to navigate. Using the Rentslam service was super easy. All the search and selection work was done automatically. We received rentals that had just come online and matched our search criteria. The only thing we needed to do was respond to those we liked.

We heard that people found a house within days of using the service. It took us a couple of weeks though. But I guess that was because we were really picky, and had lots of requirements. Still, we could not have done it this fast without Rentslam.

We noticed that many listings had an “open huis” within 2 days of coming online. This was when most of them got rented out. So in our opinion it is crucial to respond immediately to the e-mails you receive. This is the only way to be invited to the open house events.

Enjoy Amsterdam,

Wansa and Dominic.



Looking on all the different websites was very time consuming and little effective. Everytime I found what I liked, I was too late, it was already rented. When I registered with RentSlam I received many houses the minute they came online. It was so easy, I just needed to respond to those I liked and I got invited to viewings. What a great way to find rentals.

Thanks again Rentslam,




RentSlam has been a great help in finding the perfect apartment. It is absolutely necessary to get into contact with the landlords as soon as they put the offer online. Before, I spent hours a day just browsing to find all new offers. RentSlam has saved me so much time which I could luckily then use for other things during the hectic time of moving.

Best regards,




One of the real estate agents we came in contact with through the RentSlam emails had another property available that was not advertised yet. They showed it to us and we signed a contract for that house. It was good to receive many properties by email. I would have liked a furnished/unfurnished filter in the service, but I was told that would be added soon. All in all a great service I would recommend to anyone.

Good luck!




RentSlam offers a great service and great value for the money. Thanks to RentSlam I was able to find a great apartment in De Pijp which soon will become my new home. The transparency, simplicity and prompt delivery of new available apartments to my inbox made my search for an apartment an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend RentSlam to anyone who wants to find a new place quickly and with ease.

Kind regards.



Sadhana & RajSadhana and Raj

It is hard to find affordable apartments in Amsterdam, so you really need a system like the Rentslam service offers. We would recommend RentSlam to anyone looking to rent in Amsterdam. Our apartment is great and very light. We are very happy with it.

Peter and Raul were very kind and helpful during the whole process. They even helped us by getting spare keys when we lost our luggage on the bus. We will definitely use RentSlam again if we decide to move to another apartment.

Best Regards,

Sadhana and Raj.

RentSlam recommends anyone looking for a long term rental in Amsterdam to do the following:

  1. Register with RentSlam.
  2. Set your search criteria using only must haves. Flexible means more matches.
  3. Plan as many viewings as you can in a short period of time.
  4. Don’t think that a place that has income requirements etc. is not worth visiting. The person showing the property usually also has other places for rent.
  5. If you like a place, don’t hesitate, tell them immediately that you want to rent it.