The 4 biggest mistakes you can make while looking for a rental in Amsterdam

Sometimes it helps tremendously to know what not to do. It automatically leads you to the right thing. That’s logic for you right there. So we present you with a list of mistakes you definitely shouldn’t make when looking for a rental in Amsterdam.

Nr.1 I can easily live in the centre of Amsterdam for € 500,-

Our social housing system works with a rental price that, at its max, is € 711,-. What you can conclude from that is that any homeowner in Amsterdam will rent their property for a higher amount. Enough rich citizens around that can put that amount of money down for a rental in Amsterdam. The average price per square meter in the center is € 24,56. So if we take a 55 square meter one bedroom apartment you’ll probably pay something a minimum of € 1350,- ex. You can get lucky – we saw them passing by: apartments for € 850,- on the Zeedijk for instance – but it takes time.

Nr.2 I’m not going to live in Nieuw-West or Noord

Cutting out an area permanently is a pity. Everywhere in the city you can find nice neighbourhoods that will make you forget about the centre. And almost everybody has the same problem, which makes districts change rapidly. We have friends that were born and raised in Amsterdam who nowadays find themselves in Osdorp, Amstelveen and Duivendrecht. Take a look, before you exclude areas like Nieuw-West or North when you are looking for a rental in Amsterdam.

Nr.3 I’ll get that rental in Amsterdam in a heart beat

Start in time and take your time. If you have the chance, block two weeks in your calendar. Use those days to map out what your rental in Amsterdam really needs, what its location should be and what your castle may cost. When you figured this out, you can start responding to listing. The competition is big, so do this a lot and repeat often. View as many apartments as possible en look a bit proper when you go for the viewing.

Nr.4 The house didn’t look good, so I’m not taking it

To see beauty in some of the dumps you come across in Amsterdam is a form art. What doesn’t help is losing yourself scrolling through beautiful pictures of apartments with gardens and huge kitchens you can never afford, for weeks in a row. For now: Who cares. Walls you can paint and furniture you can purchase over time. Move in first, open a bottle of Champaign, and the rest will follow.

How you can find a rental home much easier with RentSlam

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