Find the best tenants for renting out your house

For renting out your house you need a list of possible tenants. Real good ones. Residents who stay for a long time. Since there is quite a lot of rotation in the Amsterdam housing market, it is useful to have a number of them on hand. Only where do you get those loyal, neat, paying renters? Every day we have them on the phone, we listen to their questions, we read their e-mails. And by now we know what your future tenant wants.

The wish list of a tenant, especially in Amsterdam, consists mainly of ‘must have’s’ and a few ‘nice to have’s’. The more relevant the information, the better. It saves time, both for you and the possible tenant.

Be very clear about the cost when renting out your house

Tenants scan for days through pages full of rental houses. With all that scrolling, a lot is filtered. Let the seeker know immediately what the exclusive rental price of the house is. Also sum up the rest of the costs clearly: gas & light, internet, possible deposit. This way the searching party knows whether the financial picture is realistic.

The usual rent per neighborhood & a map

A logical second step is letting the possible tenants know what they are getting for that amount. How many rooms does the house have, how many square meters are there in total, and how are they classified? It is always useful to add a map. If you do not know exactly how much rent you can ask for your house, these are the usual m2 prices per neighborhood in Amsterdam. Although we think it is of course very sympathetic if you take a couple of Euros off, but that aside.

Do the viewings yourself

Make phone calls with your future tenant to arrange viewings and be there yourself. Take the time to speak to everyone. Are you in doubt? Call someone again. And do not forget social media. LinkedIn and Facebook give you a good idea of someone’s network and what someone likes. That way you know for sure who you think are the best tenants.

Spread your house through RentSlam

By putting your house on RentSlam yourself, you reach thousands of people who are looking for a rented house in Amsterdam, without paying huge broker commissions. We want to offer our subscribers the nicest and most beautiful rental properties, and let you find the nicest tenants in an easy way. Just go for it.

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