The cheapest houses in Amsterdam are in these 3 neighborhoods

Finding a rental in Amsterdam is difficult, it requires dedication. It helps if you know where to look. Especially if you are on a budget. So we have put together a list of places where you can find the cheapest houses in Amsterdam.

Our top 3 neighborhoods with the cheapest houses in Amsterdam ranked for you, including the high lights of each. So you know what to do when you are there:

Nr.3 Low rentals in Oost

After a year of gathering data, we know that you can get a great 2 bedroom apartment of almost 100m2 for about €1500 in Amsterdam Oost. You will be living in one of the best neighborhoods with the local zoo “Artis”  around the corner and the lowest crime rates in Amsterdam. Good to know data.

Nr.2 Affordable housing in Noord

A house in Noord will cost you about € 1300 on average. This will, just as in Oost, get you a 2 bedroom apartment of approx 100m2. Most real Amsterdammers come from Noord. So this is your chance to build friendships with the locals. The best calamaris in Amsterdam are found at Royalvis in the Van der Pekstraat.

Nr. 1 The cheapest houses in Amsterdam are in Zuidoost

A rental property in Amsterdam Zuidoost is on average 87m2 and has 2 bedrooms. It will set you back approximately € 1100 a month. Because 30% of the inhabitants have a Surinamese background, you are sure to find the best roti, baka bana, bara’s, broodjes pom and kerrie-kip. Are your favorite dishes not on this list, or you have no clue what they are, than it is definitely time to hop on the metro to Zuidoost. Friendly warning: don’t go all in on the spices the first time…

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