This is how to find apartments in Amsterdam

The other day Peter and Raúl – the RentSlam men – took me aside and asked me if I could explain to them what RentSlam does. Haha! I was able to explain it better than the founders themselves. So if you are looking to find apartments in Amsterdam, read below how RentSlam can help you get the keys to your new home.

Step 1: What type of rental are you looking for?

Set your search criteria on so we know what type of house you’re looking for. In which neighborhood would you like to live? How many bedrooms do you need?And what is your rental budget? The more realistic you are with your criteria, the greater the chance you will find something. An apartment in the Jordaan area is simply more expensive than one in Amsterdam Noord. So make sure you also add those other neighborhoods to your search settings, especially if you are on a tight budget. You never know what beauty of an apartment you will find there. Then we start emailing you as soon as new property comes online that matches your criteria. So yes, it is correct that there are no houses on our website.

Step 2: A good rental within a month

You can get a RentSlam subscription for 2 weeks, 1 month or 3 months. As soon as your subscription ends, the service will stop. We don’t play that sneaky game of automatically prolonging your subscription. You can of course prolong your subscription yourself, if you want to. We advise you to subscribe for at least 1 month at € 24. Especially if you are looking for that particular house in a particular neighborhood. It’s all possible, but it might take a bit longer when you are less flexible.

Step 3: Rentals in your inbox

We scan all the big housing sites day and night. We know the trustworthy sources and make sure we find almost 100% of the listings offered. We email you as soon as a new house becomes available that matches your search criteria. This saves you hours of surfing the web, and being able to respond as soon as something comes online is crucial in getting the property, as you are never the only one interested. Turn on the “push” funciton in your email settings, this way you can respond even faster.

Step 4: This is how to respond

If you click on one of the rentals in your RentSlam property emails, you will be directed to the source of the listing. At this point it is between you and the owner or real estate agent. Are they trying to charge you commission? If you found the property online (with help of RentSlam), they are by law not alowed to charge you commission. Some real estate agent try it anyway, and they wont rent you the house if you dont pay. We advise you to pay the commission and after signing the contract and moving in, you simply point out the law and ask for your money back. This will work in most cases.

Step 5: Go to the viewing as soon as possible

Make an appointment to view the place as soon as you can. Dress properly and show them you are a descent person. It will make a difference. Do you like what you see? Say yes immediately. If you need time to think it over, it will be rented to someone else.

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