This is why you want a rental in the Jordaan area

Did you already find a rental in the Jordaan area? Pull that door shut – your door that is – and enjoy your new neighborhood. You dont live in the Jordaan yet? In that case we still have “The perfect day in the Jordaan” for you. Just a last little nudge, because this is where we all want to live.

Enjoy “The Breakfast Club” pancakes

Some times you feel like having English Breakfast or pancakes or maybe granola with good coffee. The Breakfast Club is here for you. There is a terrace out front which lets you enjoy the first rays of sun. On your way there be sure to pass by one of the nicer streets in Amsterdam – de Haarlemmerdijk.

Where: Haarlemmerplein 21
Open: from 08:00 till 16:00

Get your “ossenworst” at butcher Louman

A real Jordanese gets their meat at Louman. After 10 years they still recognize you, that is the kind of place they are.  You always have to wait in line, and untill recently you could not even pay by card. But that doesnt matter, because the conversations you hear are worth it (if you understand them). Make sure you get some traditional smoked ossenworst. They are the champion “sausage maker” in Amsterdam, so they know what they’re doing.

Where: Goudsbloemstraat 76
Open: from 08:00 till 18:00 tue to sat

Get a sandwich at Small World Catering

The owner of Small World Catering is friendly Australian, always in a good mood and he has the best sandwiches. The place is tiny on the inside, but has a small terrace in the summer. Whatever you order, keep some room for their carrot cake. Nobody in Amsterdam bakes a better one.

Where: Binnen Oranjestraat 14
Open: from 10:30 till 18:00

Appel pie with whipped cream at Winkel 43

First enjoy the farmers market on the Noordermarkt for the best bread, the best cheese and lovely little bites. Then you must enter Winkel. Order a cappuchino and a piece of apple pie with whipped cream. They sell more than a hundred pies a day there in the middle of the Jordaan. And that crunchy crust will get stuck into your mind for a long time.

Where: Noordermarkt 43
Open: from 07:00 till 01:00

Scallops & cocktails at De Luwte

The chefs at de Luwte work very hard in their open kitchen. But you can taste the skills on your plate, it is amazing. Try the scallops, order a cocktail and enjoy. It is certainly not the cheapest restaurant in the Jordaan, but the atmosphere is nice and it is worth it.

Where: Leliegracht 26-28
Open: from 18:00 till 22:00

Have a beer and sing at Lowietje

Not ready to head home yet? Go to Lowietje, the de pub from the “The Cock with CK” from the tv-series Baantjer. They play authentic songs about Jordanese life and even have live music at times.

Where: Derde Goudsbloemdwarsstraat 2
Open: from 08:00 till 03:00

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