This is why you want to rent in Amsterdam Oost

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Besides Amsterdam Noord and Zuidoost, Oost is your best option to find affordable rentals in Amsterdam. It saves you a ride on the metro and a trip with the ferry over het IJ, but what else do you get in return? You will have the coolest neighbors in the whole of Amsterdam and the lowest crime rates. But that is not all. Why rent in Amsterdam Oost?

Your home for rent in Amsterdam Oost

About 128.690 people live in 30,6 km2 in Oost. To give you some perspective, there are about 835.000 in Amsterdam and about 880.000 bicycles. That’s right, more bicycles than people, funny… Another thing: the housing density in Oost is 3 times that of Noord. In Oost there are 63.834 houses of which 37% have 2 bedrooms. There is bound to be one for you. According to RentSlam’s statistics there were 1700 rentals available in the past 12 months.

Lowest crime rates in Oost

Good to know more about your neighbors if you are considering to rent in Amsterdam Oost. About half of the people living here is between 20 and 49 years of age. 44% of them has a high level of educations. The average in Amsterdam is at 39%. Crime rates are low in Oost. The amount of crime committed by adults, is at 11,5%, the lowest of whole Amsterdam.The most common crime in Amsterdam is abuse, threatening and theft/burglary.

In Oost you have the coolest neighbors

If you hurry and move to Oost this winter, you will ice-skate around the Jaap Eden baan while drinking hot chocolate. The raisin-bread from bakkerij Hartog is the best there is and famous in Oost. Those thick slices of bread keep you warm in winter. But that is not all.: You have Artis (the local zoo) as your backyard. That means you could hear donkeys and monkeys and see the flamingo’s, zebra’s and penguins possibly even from your balcony. Did you know the owner of Artis acutally lives is Artis? No dogs are allowed into Artis, but after closing time the owner walks his dog there between all the animals. What are you waiting for, make it happen, because nothing seems like more fun than wondering around Artis and walking your pet with the owner of the park.

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What RentSlam does is search almost every place online for new available rental apartments in Amsterdam. We do this every couple of minutes and match the new properties with your search criteria. As soon as there is a match, we send you the link to that property by email. You can now respond to any rental apartment in Amsterdam as soon as it comes online and without wasting your time searching for it.

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