Top 10 tips apartments for rent in Utrecht


How to find apartments for rent in Utrecht?

Finding apartments for rent in Utrecht is not an easy task. There are not that many rentals available and you have a lot of competitors. The rental prices are also constantly increasing. So how can you find those great apartments for rent in Utrecht? Searching on many websites several times a day is a time consuming task, and often you will find them too late, many will find it before you do, and it will be rented out. So, are you still going to try and do it yourself? If so, make sure you have a great plan and strategy. Read these tips to help you get started the right way.

1. Social housing or Free sector rentals?

Are you eligible for social housing in Utrecht? If so, check There are income requirements and you should take into account a very long waiting list. Are you not eligible or don’t want to wait several years, then you need to find a Free sector rental.

2. Do you have realistic requirements?

Most people tend to look for the best possible house in the nicest neighborhoods of Utrecht. And if at all possible, with lots of space and a garden. However, the more demands or wishes you combine, the less listings there are and the higher the price will be. So if you really want to rent a place any time soon, you will need to get rid of some of your wishes and stick to what you really need. Make a list of all your “must haves” and select the largest possible area for your search. See what is on offer fitting your requirements and check the prices of those listings to see if they fit your budget. If they don’t, scrap some requirements until you see that they do fit your budget.

I want to rent in Utrecht!

3. Together is better!

Is your budget too low for a studio or one bedroom apartment? Then finding someone to share with can be a good alternative. Two bedroom apartments are not nearly as expensive as 2 studios. So team up, double your budget and find a place together.

4. Location, Location, Location!

The nicest neighborhoods are also the most popular neighborhoods, and thus also have the highest amount of competition. The center of Utrecht is of course amazing, but there are so many other areas that are great to live in. Spend a weekend on your bicycle exploring the neighborhoods to see for yourself which ones you like. Ask friends and colleagues their opinion as well. This way you will be able to increase your search area and find an apartment much faster.

5. Make that list!

Make a list of all websites that offer apartments for rent in Utrecht. Use google to find those websites. Also read the reviews about them, to make sure that they are not full of scams or only list apartments that have long been rented. Once you are done googling, check the websites on your list at least 5 times a day.

You could of course also choose to use a service that does all that hard word for you. RentSlam uses Artificial Intelligence to find all the apartments for rent in Utrecht faster than any human can. And we send you matching rentals within seconds of them becoming available. This way you only need to respond to the listings you like. It will save you loads of time and makes sure you can respond before other do. Let us do the hard work for you and use RentSlam.

6. Let everyone help you!

You probably know more people than you are aware of. Tell all your friends, colleagues and acquaintances that you are in need of a new home. There is always someone that knows someone else that has apartments for rent in Utrecht. You could also use social media to find something. But when you do, be aware of scams.

If someone ask you for money before the contact is signed, or even before you have seen the apartment, don’t do it. And if they ask for payment through a service like Western Union, definitely don’t do it. It will be a scam for sure.

7. Respond super fast!

Almost all apartments for rent in Utrecht get rented out in no time. So if you have seen an apartment that you like, don’t hesitate, say YES immediately. Not all apartments will be exactly what you like, however, with a new couch or a different color on the wall, you can really make it to your liking. So don’t be too picky, and have some imagination on how to make it feel like home. If you wait too long, someone else will say YES before you do. Do you always want to be the first to know about new apartments for rent in Utrecht, then you should really use

8. Keep documents at hand!

Real estate agents and housing corporations always need documents. Things such as an employment contract and your passport are always part of the rental requirements. Make sure you have them on you when visiting the apartment, that way you are already one step ahead of the competition.

9. Don’t pay agency commissions!

Rental apartments that have been published online have been made public. This means that the real estate agents are officially working for the landlord and by law are not allowed to charge you commission to rent the house. Sometimes they will try it anyway. If you don’t pay, they might rent it to someone else. What you could do is simply pay it, and as soon as you move in, send them an email demanding the money back. In most cases you will get your money back.

10. Read the contract!

Read the contract carefully. If you don’t understand it, ask someone else to read it for you. You have to make sure there are no strange clauses in there. You would not want to be kicked out after a couple of months because the owner decides to move back in, or suddenly get a large rental increase.

To summarize, be flexible with your requirements and respond very fast when you like a place if you are serious about renting an apartment in Utrecht. Want to make your life easier and save lots of time, use RentSlam