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How do I find rental apartments in Rotterdam?

Rental prices are going sky high and cometition is getting fierce. How do I get my new rental apartment in Rotterdam? Searching on many different websites takes loads of time and often you will be too late to apply. So, get a real estate agent, or do you make a plan and start searching the right way? Read the tips below to make your search for rental apartments in Rotterdam as effective as possible.

1. Social or free sector rentals?

Do you have a lot of time before you need to move, and you don’t have a high income, then you might be eligible for social sector rental apartments in Rotterdam. If so, check this website There are income requirements though. If you are not eligable, you need to find free sector rentals. The disadvantage is that the rental price will be higher, but the advantage is that there are no waiting lists. Free sector housing starts at €711 per month.

2. Are your expectations realistic?

We all dream of that beautiful apartment with lots of open space and a garden or rooftop terrace. But unfortunately these apartments cost a fortune. Make a list of your minimal requirements and of the neighborhoods you want to live in. Browse the various apartment rental websites to verify that your budget fits your wish list.

Stop searching
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3. Must live alone, or willing to share?

If your budget is not enough to rent that house that you really want, then sharing might be a good alternative. By hooking up with a friend and searching for rental apartments in Rotterdam with 2 bedrooms for double the budget you will find many more options that meet your requirements.

4. Have you thought about location?

Location, location, location… Everybody always wants to live in the nicest areas. For most, this is the center of the city with it’s nice restaurants, cute bars, shops etc. And of course, let’s not forget the great architecture and the river Maas. But the nicest areas also mean the highest rental prices and maybe even nuisance and parking issues. Consider other neighborhoods. You don’t know the city very well, then just go on a walking tour or bike around. Maybe you will fall in love with a neighborhood you previously would have never considered.

5. Do your homework!

Make a list of all websites that offer rental apartments in Rotterdam. There are many, but not all of them are good. Some have very few listings and others have loads of fake ones or even scams, so do your homework. Have you finished your list, then make sure you search the pages as often as you can to be aware of the new listings fast enough.

It is much easier though to use a service that does all this work for you. RentSlam is an example of that. By using Artificial Intelligence we find all the rentals that fit your requirements so you only need to apply to those you are interested in. It saves you a massive amount of time and greatly improves your chances to rent it by allowing you to apply before others have even found it. Try it on

6. Involve your friends & Family!

You know more people than you think. Tell everyone in your network that you are looking for rental apartments in Rotterdam. Tell your friends, your family, your co-workers, everyone. Many people find their house that way. You can of course also place a post on social media, such as Facebook or an ad on Marktplaats. But beware of scams!

If someone asks you to pay before you have signed the contract, or even before you have seen the place, don’t do it. And if you are being asked to send money using a service such as Western Union, definitely don’t do it.

7. Apply superfast!

Apartments are being rented out very fast these days. So if you don’t make up your mind fast enough, you will be too late. If an apartment doesn’t seem perfect at first, try to think about it creatively. You don’t like the color of a wall, so what??? You can always just paint it. Rental apartments in Rotterdam get rented out very fast, just like in other big cities. If you find something that remotely fits your requirements, make an appointment for a viewing asap. And if you want to rent it, let them know immediately. If you wait a little too long, someone else will have rented it before you. Do you always want to be amongst the first people to be notified of new apartment rentals in Rotterdam, then use

8. Prepare your documents!

Real estate agents and housing corporations will oftern ask you for documents. Things as an employment contract, salsry slips and a copy of your passport are almost always part of the rental process. So make sure you have them at hand and thus have an advantage over your competition.

9. Don’t pay commission!

Rentals that are listed online have been made public. This means that a real estate agent that is involved is working for the landlord and is not allowed to charge the tenant any commission. Sometimes they will try to do so anyway. And if you refuse, they might end up renting it to someone else. You could choose to pay it, and once the contract is signed and you have moved in, demand that they return you the paid commission. Most of the times you will get your money back.

10. Check the contract!

Read the contract properly. Ask an English copy if not provided. You could also ask a friend to help you in case you lack experience in this area. There could be specific clauses in the contract that are to your detriment, such as a diplomat clause that will allow the owner to move back in, and, well, you to move out.

In summery, be flexible with your requirements and repond very fast if you want to rent an apartment in Rotterdam. Want to make your life easier and save loads of time, use RentSlam.

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