Why renting in Amsterdam North is a good idea

Ok, ok, so a few weeks ago we wrote why you really want to rent a house in the Jordaan. Not that we are against it now, but we did it, we took the ferry across to Amsterdam North or simply Noord. Wind in your face, water splashing and birds circling your head, it is an experience. What is the best part about renting in Amsterdam north? Rental property is big, better yet, huge in comparison to central Amsterdam and in general, rentals are cheaper. To convince you, we have looked up some facts.

Renting in Amsterdam North

Amsterdam North counts about 19.000 inhabitants on 45km2. For comparison, that is the same amount as on a couple of km2 in the Jordaan. On top, it is a pretty green area and the air is fresh. 50% of your neighbors are aged from twenty five  to sixty five and only 10! between four and twelve years old – that’s much less kids than we thought. Also noteworthy, of all areas in the city, after the Center, North has the lowest birth rate. This means families move there much later. Since we started collecting data – about 1 year ago – there have been about new 750 rentals in North. There is probably one for you among them.

More than you would think in North

There is much more going on in other parts of Amsterdam compared to North. Anyway, that is what most of us think. In part that is true; there are less stores, less clubs and less pubs than in Amsterdam South or Center. But North has the Eye and the largest flea market in Europe – the IJ-Hallen – and one of our favorites: Hotel de Goudfazant. As soon as you have settled on renting in Amsterdam North, you have to go and eat there to celebrate. So the only thing that is really not great about North is the ferry. But it does run every 6 minutes during the day and every 12 in the evenings. Going straight across only takes 4 minutes, so what is the big deal? Go and enjoy that wind through your hair and…

Real “Amsterdammers” live in North

Of all the city areas, most people born in the area and actually living there are in North. So this is your chance to befriend a “real” one. Also, great talent has come from North, like: Patrick Kluivert, Sam de Jong en De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig are all from across the pond.

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