We save you timeWe save you time!

There are too many places with apartments for rent:

With over 300 suppliers/real estate agents specializing in apartments for rent in Amsterdam and more than 20 different websites combining them it becomes a very time-consuming task to see all newly available rentals. We do all that work for you. We monitor all accessible sources and we e-mail you houses and apartments for rent that match your search criteria. You only need to apply to those you like by clicking a link.


We get you there firstWe get you there first

You have many competitors for every apartment as demand is much higher than supply:

One of the biggest problems in cities like Amsterdam is finding a place to live. The demand for housing is much greater than the supply. Most apartments for rent get several hundreds of applications. Only the first few are invited and have a chance to rent the place. So the key in getting through is speed. You must be amongst the first to apply. We give you the opportunity to be amongst those first few. We check available sources every 5 minutes and instantly send you those rentals matching your search criteria. This gives you the competitive advantage you need to get invited to viewings and open houses and have a real chance to rent a place.

We save you money

Real Estate agents charge high fees to find you apartments for rent.

They are only allowed to do this if you ask them to find a place for you. When you use RentSlam, you find the rentals without their help. So they cannot charge you the commission they usually do, at most they can charge you a small handling or registration fee. So you will save a lot of money by not getting an agency service. RentSlam only takes a 1-time subscription fee. We never charge for getting a rental contract from any of the sources.

We filter scamsWe filter scams

There are many scams online – don’t fall prey to them.

People are often desperate to find an apartment for rent in Amsterdam. This gives scammers the opportunity to make lots of money. They have become more and more inventive. They have profiles with perfect Facebook pages that look trustworthy. There are many places where they advertise “their rentals”. Lots of people have bought into them and lost money. At RentSlam we select our sources carefully and do our utmost best to make sure that there are no scams on the sources we use. We will also advise and help you if you have any questions regarding a particular rental apartment offered. Be safe, use RentSlam.

If you are looking to find apartments for rent in Amsterdam, you need to use RentSlam, as we get you all the available apartments from many sources, and we get them to you very fast.