Rent a studio apartment?

A studio as a home, have you ever thought of that? Most people prefer to separate their living room from their sleeping area, but there are plenty of people who choose to live in a studio. Why do they do so, and what is the definition of a studio anyway? How many are there, and…

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goedkope huurwoningen cheap apartments for rent

Cheap apartments for rent

Do cheap apartments for rent still exist? Finding a cheap apartments for rent, which actually exist, and aren’t not just some fake pictures with impossibly low prices in a great neighborhood, posted by some scammer trying to get your hard-earned money from you… It seems like a utopian dream. But is it??? Yes, it is……

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woning middenhuur

Middle rent

What is Middle Rent? Most of us are familiar with private sector rental housing and social rental, but what is middle rent? It’s all in the name… A rental home in the middle rent sector has a rental price between social rent and free sector rent. This means the price is above the liberalization limit…

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nieuwe huurwoning

Moving to a new apartment

You rented a new apartment, and now? How awesome, congratulations with your new apartment. Exciting times are ahead, but moving is a stressful time. You have to think about many things and make loads of arrangements. Let’s hope you don’t forget anything… Packing Packing properly seems daft, but it really helps, more than you might…

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honden in een huurwoning

Top 3 dogs & rental homes: ideal dogs for an apartment

Now that you are looking for a rental property in Amsterdam with RentSlam, and creating mood boards for inspiration, you might as well start daydreaming about a pet. The sky is the limit in these cold winter months. Would be nice if your new best friend waits for you when you come home. But which…

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The best way to move house in Amsterdam is to do it yourself

Ok, if you are smart, you move in winter time. The chances of getting a new rental apartment is much higher, because the rest of the city is busy with the holidays. In addition, we do the moving house in Amsterdam ourselves, the more euros we can save, the better. And since winter is upon us, we’ll…

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Huisgenoten om samen te huren

Choosing a flatmate in Amsterdam, this is how it’s done.

To make living in Amsterdam a reality, you may need to look for a flatmate more often than desired. Together, it seems to be a lot more fun than alone, if you pick the right person. Hence these tips: Choosing a flatmate in Amsterdam, this is how it’s done. Choosing a flatmate whom is right…

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Prinsengracht Amsterdam

Rent a house next to the most expensive houses in Amsterdam

Rent in Amsterdam is expensive, sometimes even ridiculous. That is why we dream about buying a house, because those home owners have it made. They are set (in stone). And us? We can’t buy yet. What we can do though is live in a great rental, right next to those expensive houses in Amsterdam. Suddenly…

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RentSlam rentals

4 x what to look for when viewing a rental property

Once in a while an apartment comes by that is just right in every way. That apartment can be yours. The properties for rent in the city are not cheap, and getting one is not easy. As soon as the time has come to start doing viewings, you should be well prepared and nicely dressed…

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Amsterdam vanaf Noord gezien

In these parts of Amsterdam Noord you do want to live

In this series we focus on the neighborhoods where, for Amsterdam purposes, there still are affordable houses for rent. Our goal is to find those streets that most others overlook, or are not even aware of their existence, but are definitely worth renting a house on. So you will know where to look. This month:…

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The areas in Amsterdam Nieuw-West where you do want to live

In this series, we focus on the areas where you can still find affordable rentals (for Amsterdam standards). Our goal is to track down the streets that everyone tends to skip. You might not even be aware of their existence, even though they’re worth renting a house on. You’ll know exactly where to look. This…

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