Scam Warning

Looking for a house to rent? Don’t get scammed!

Rental apartments in the Netherlands are in high demand

The demand for rental apartments in The Netherlands is much higher than the supply, so lots of shady people are trying to steal your money by offering you houses they do not own! Be aware and follow these tips to stay safe when looking for rental apartments in The Netherlands, especially in the big cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague or Utrecht.

If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

It is a cliché, but it is still valid. When someone offers a 2-bedroom apartment for rent in the center or other hot area of Amsterdam for about €800 a month. Forget about it, only the “woningcorporaties” (semi-governmental) offer these type of rental apartments in Amsterdam, private people rarely do.

The owner is “out of the country” and will mail you the keys.

Some scammers will convince you with pictures, normal price, and response to your questions. When it comes to a viewing, they will say that they are abroad right now, and that they will send you the keys after you pay the first month. Don’t fall for this, it is a scam.

You are asked to wire money using MoneyGram.

Only scammers ask you to send money by MoneyGram, Western union or any of these type of services. The money will be taken in a different country and you will never get the apartment offered.

The “owner” rents homes in many countries.

Most owners own property in 1 city or at least in 1 country. It is rare that someone has rental apartments in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid, Prague etc. It is a professional scam that has gone international. Be sure to thoroughly check in which groups on Facebook they are active and you will find out soon enough.

They can prove they really own the place.

Whatever they tell you, don’t give them money before you have seen the place from the inside. And even then, make sure they really own the place. Ask for documents or ask to speak to the owner.

To summarize: Be alert, don’t pay money before seeing the place, and make sure they are the owner. And remember that on we only use safe sources.

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