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Yes, you can afford that great rental property. This is how.

Rental properties in the Netherlands would be a lot more reasonably priced if it were up to us. Unfortunately, that is not the case. It is not surprising that the demand in the Netherlands is so high. It’s the best country in the whole world 😉

It is hard to find a rental property in the current rental market, and yes, it is much easier if you use our service. However, there are one thing that undeniably plays a major role, especially for finding something in the private housing market. That is what you have available to spend on rent. For this reason, we have listed a few creative ways to save or earn money every month!

Moving, decorating and transporting

Don’t try to furnish everything at once! A lot of people want to buy everything new when they move in. If your furniture needs replacing, try to upgrade something every month. This way you avoid spending a lot of money in one go. 

Also, thrift shops are often underestimated, they offer great stuff! Therefore, always make a few visits to the well-known thrift shops. This way you avoid paying the highest price. Or get inspired by Pinterest to turn your existing Ikea stuff into something original. Of course, to take all that stuff with you, you need something bigger than a cargo bike! You don’t have to hire a van to move your stuff with a big company. Small companies often work cheaper. Also, check within your network whether you can find someone with a van, because delivery and moving costs are higher nonetheless.

The monthly costs of your rental property

As a tenant, you have no influence on some things. The contents insurance, energy supplier and internet provider are usually chosen by the landlord. Are you in control? Make sure you only pay for what you need! If you only use streaming services, it would be a shame to take out a television package as well, wouldn’t it?

You have no influence on the gas price, but what you can do is think twice before turning up the heat! Furthermore, there are plenty of handy tips and tricks on the internet to use your gas, water and electricity as sustainably as possible. A big extra, make those hot showers a bit shorter and soon you’re saving €50/month.

Earn extra money (with your rental property)

Saving money is good, but how can you make some extra money? Is your new rental home in a prime location in Amsterdam? See if you can get permission from your landlord to rent it out on Airbnb. Make sure the owner’s association is in agreement and include in your lease how many times a year you can do this. Even if you only rent it out when you are on holiday, this will still save you some money on an annual basis! 

Use apps like Peerby to make money with the things you already have. It’s not a lot of money, but every little bit helps! That way, that ladder in your storage unit can come in handy after all. Lending a ladder to a neighbour via this app can easily earn you €4 a time.

Are you an animal lover? Then walking your dog is no punishment for you, is it? Nowadays, you can do this easily via an app. Did you know that one walk with a little guy can earn you €15 euro! What are you waiting for?

All in all, it can save you the few hundred euros you need to have some more financial space. Moving is also the perfect time to get rid of everything you haven’t touched in a year. Put furniture on Marktplaats, sell clothes you no longer wear via Vinted and sell the smaller stuff on Europe’s biggest flea market: the IJ-Hallen!

Ready to simplify your search?

Now that you have your finances completely in order and you know exactly what to do to earn some extra money, it’s our turn. What RentSlam will do for you is constantly scan the supply of rental properties on 900+ existing housing sites. As soon as there is something that matches your wish list, we will send you a notification. This way you can respond as soon as a property comes online and it saves you a lot of time. In addition, we know what scams are taking place on the housing market, so we only work with reliable sources.

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