Don’t skip Zuidoost when looking for a rental

We had a look at Oost and Zuid, but if you are looking for a place to live in Amsterdam, you should really also consider Zuidoost. It has a lot of green, high rise flats, but also the cheapest houses in Amsterdam. That is certainly worth that ride on the metro. More space in Zuidoost…

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Best time to find apartments for rent

Winter is the best time to find a rental in Amsterdam

Rent is expensive in Amsterdam, that’s a given. There are ways of enhancing your success in finding a house though. Our latest discovery: you have less competition in Amsterdam when looking for a rental in the winter. Dutch people are not big fans of moving during the winter (holidays). Less people register for rentals in…

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Rent a house with rentslam

Cheap apartments for rent in Amsterdam

This is how you find them! We all want to live in Amsterdam, and preferably in the center. The beautiful center with its lovely canals where we can look at the boats floating by. But Amsterdam is not a cheap place to live in terms of rental cost. So how does one go about finding…

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Expat housing

10 things Expats in Amsterdam need to arrange

Moving to another country is usually a very exciting time, you will be confronted with a different culture, language, rules etc. But as an expat in Amsterdam there are many (boring) things you need to arrange. Check these 10 things you might need to do, as an Expat in Amsterdam, depending on your situation. Visa…

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5 common rental fees, should you pay them?

These are the 5 most common rental fees Renting a house can be a traumatic experience in cities like Amsterdam. On top of it all you are confronted with many different rental fees to be paid. Read below to find out if you should pay them or not, and how much would be reasonable. If…

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Scam Warning

Looking for a house to rent? Don’t get scammed!

Rental apartments in the Netherlands are in high demand The demand for rental apartments in The Netherlands is much higher than the supply, so lots of shady people are trying to steal your money by offering you houses they do not own! Be aware and follow these tips to stay safe when looking for rental…

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