betaalbare huurwoning in Den Haag

Rental home news week 16

Check your rent increase

With the Woonbond’s online check, you can easily check whether the rent increase proposed by your landlord complies with all the rules, or whether you can stop it with an objection.

In addition to the online check, there is a web dossier on the 2023 rent increase. It explains the main rules and grounds for objection. Curious about all the ins and outs? You’ll find them in the booklet ‘Rent and scoring 2023/2024’. With that booklet, you can check whether the rent, rent changes and point total of a home are correct. And what actions you can take if they are not. Read full article in Dutch…

More and more cities have a Rent Team now

Is your landlord charging too much rent? Or is maintenance neglected? A rent team gives advice and helps you get justice. Following the example of other cities, Amersfoort now also has a rent team.

In Amersfoort, this is still a pilot, which came about at the insistence of the Amersfoort city council. The team has been active since early April and focuses specifically on tenants of private landlords. They can contact Huurteam Amersfoort with questions about rent, service costs and maintenance. Read full article in Dutch here…

CDA and VVD want to evict tenants on sale of homes

The VVD and the CDA want to make it possible for private investors with one property to dissolve the lease when they want to sell the home. A major attack on rent protection.

Curiously, they do this in an amendment proposal to the Fixed Tenancy Contracts Act, a bill by which the PvdA and the Christian Union want to ensure that tenants have more housing security by reducing the use of temporary contracts. Read full article in Dutch here…