Rental home news week 17

Huurwoning vinden in Rotterdam

Kassa scrutinises free sector rent increases

TV programme Kassa has investigated unjust rent increases in the free rented sector. Last Saturday’s broadcast(external link) featured the Woonbond reacting to this.

Kassa had professor Marco Loos look at various rental contracts, he concluded that the so-called rent increase clause will not hold up in court in some cases. It concerns leases concluded between 1994 and 2021, in which it is too unclearly defined what increase percentage tenants can count on. This could violate a European directive. Read full article in Dutch…

Compensation for block connection can now be applied for

Residents with a joint heat or electricity connection (block connection) can apply for compensation for high energy costs from today. This is because they fell outside the energy price cap because they do not have an individual connection. The Woonbond campaigned for all residents with block connection to be compensated as well.

The person who has the energy contract can apply for the compensation. This is often the landlord or the Owners’ Association (VvE), but it can also be a tenant or a residents’ association, if it pays the bill on behalf of the other households. If it is a landlord, they can divide the allowance or offset it against the advance payment. Read full article in Dutch…

Tenants get letter about rent reduction

Low-income tenants will hear in the coming weeks whether they are eligible for a rent reduction. Housing associations will send a letter about this by 1 June.

This time, the annual letter about the rent increase is a letter about rent reduction for half a million tenants. This reduction for low-income people has been agreed by housing associations, the Woonbond, the central government and municipalities. Read full article in Dutch

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