Rental home news week 20

huurwoning rotterdam

Beware of maximum price under points system

Did you receive a rent increase of 50 or 100 euros this year? Then make sure your rent is not higher than allowed under the point system. Many social tenants with a slightly higher income will have to deal with it (again) this year: an income-related rent increase of 50 or even 100 euro. You can get this rent increase if your household income is above a certain limit.

Those who get an income-dependent rent increase a couple of years in a row will see their rent rise considerably. Often even above the ‘rent allowance limit’. That limit is 806 euros and 6 cents this year (2023). Read full article in Dutch.

Parliament puts an end to regular temporary lease

16 May, the Lower House agreed to the initiative bill by Henk Nijboer (PvdA) and Pieter Grinwis (ChristenUnie) to abolish regular temporary rental contracts again. Good news. These contracts created uncertainty and stress for many tenants.

The Woonbond opposed the introduction of the temporary rental contracts in 2016, and the union has campaigned from the start for them to be abolished again. The Woonbond is therefore pleased with the success achieved, which means tenants can count on more housing security from 2024. Read full article in Dutch…

Plan for high tax on gas not well thought out

The cabinet plans to substantially increase the tax on natural gas above a consumption of 800 cubic metres (m3). The cabinet thus wants to encourage people to make their homes more sustainable and use less energy. For tenants, this plan generally does not work out badly, the Woonbond thinks. But the union also has criticism.

“Many tenants use less than 800 cubic metres of gas a year,” says Bastiaan van Perlo, energy policy officer at the Woonbond. “This applies especially to tenants in flats and in homes with a label B or better. For them, increasing the tax on gas has no impact, but this measure does not encourage the low-consumption group to make additional savings.” Read full article in Dutch…