Rental home news week 21

huurwoning amsterdam

Broad support for regulation of high rents

An overwhelming majority of Dutch people think the government should intervene in rents when they become too high for the average Dutchman and disproportionate to the quality of the home.

This is according to a recent flash poll the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations commissioned among a representative group of Dutch people. The purpose of the survey was to understand support for the Affordable Rent Act, which will be debated in the Lower House after the summer. Read full article in Dutch…

Unfairly high rents free sector further investigated

The Woonbond further investigated questionable rent increase clauses in rental contracts. Dozens of tenants from the free sector responded to the Kassa broadcast in April and sent in their rental contracts. Lawyers from the Woonbond are now drawing a preliminary conclusion.

The TV programme Kassa had professor Marco Loos look at several rental contracts, he concluded that the so-called rent increase clause will not hold up in court in some cases. It concerns leases concluded between 1994 and 2021, in which it is too unclear which percentage increase tenants can count on. This could violate a European directive. Read full article in Dutch…

Aedes and Woonbond protest against cuts to rent allowance

The government wants to take away money earmarked for the rent allowance. For Aedes and the Woonbond, this is unacceptable because it is at the expense of people with the lowest income. It also goes against agreements made.

Last year, Aedes and the Woonbond agreed with the minister in the National Performance Agreements that around 600,000 tenants of social housing would receive a one-off rent reduction this year. This will also reduce government spending on rent allowance, almost 300 million. The agreement here was that this budget will remain available for rent allowance. Read full article in Dutch…