Rental home news week 25

Housing associations can pay for plans for the time being

Housing associations can still finance their plans until 2030, but in the long term they will have too little money to finance all the necessary plans for new construction, sustainability and liveability. This is according to new calculations by the Ministry of the Interior (Housing).

In summer 2022, the Woonbond, together with minister Hugo de Jonge, the Association of Dutch Municipalities and Aedes, concluded the National Performance Agreements (NPA) with agreements on sustainability, new construction and affordable rents. Since then, construction costs and interest rates have risen sharply. Therefore, the feasibility of all agreements was re-examined. The calculation shows that most agreements are feasible until 2030. However, the increased interest costs and inflation (maintenance costs) are severely affecting the financial possibilities of the housing corporations. Read full article in Dutch…

Make timely objection to rent increase

Do you disagree with the rent increase taking effect on 1 July? Make sure you object in time. If you are too late, you will be stuck with the rent increase.Objecting to the rent increase can be done in two ways. You send your landlord or housing association a letter stating the reason(s) for your objection and you continue to pay the old rent. Or you do not send a letter, but only object by continuing to pay the old rent. Read full article in Dutch…

Canadian real estate fund sells nearly seven thousand rental properties in the Netherlands

Canadian property fund sells nearly seven thousand rental properties in the NetherlandsThe Canadian European Residential Reit (Eres) wants to sell 6,900 rental properties and focus on the market in Canada. Tightened rental rules and tax measures by the government are playing into the decision

Property investor European Residential Reit (Eres) has put 6,900 rental properties in the Netherlands up for sale. Mark Kenney, the Canadian company’s top executive, confirmed this to Het Financieele Dagblad. According to the Dutch business newspaper, this is “the biggest real estate deal on the Dutch housing market in years”. Read full article in Dutch…

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