Rental home news week 26


Tenant insufficiently informed about service charges

Tenants receive insufficient information about service costs. A quarter do not even receive an annual statement of these costs, while landlords are legally obliged to provide such a statement.

A poll of 501 Woonbond members shows that landlords need to better inform their tenants about service costs. Of the tenants of commercial landlords, 29% do not receive the legally required statement. Of the housing association tenants 19% miss this statement. Without such a statement, it cannot be determined whether the advance amounts paid are in line with the costs incurred. An important rule is that landlords may only pass on to tenants the actual costs incurred without profit. Read full article in Dutch…

Check if you are entitled to rent reduction

For corporation tenants with relatively low incomes who have not received notice of a rent reduction effective July 1, it is good to check that they are not still entitled to that rent reduction.

Tenants who already had a low income entitling them to a rent reduction in 2021 should have been notified by May 31 that they will receive a rent reduction effective July 1. Did they mistakenly fail to do so? If so, contact the housing corporation. Can’t work it out with the housing corporation? Then you can go to the Rent Commission until July 12. Read full article in Dutch…

Woonbond launches action plan for affordable new construction

In order to achieve the housing ambitions of Minister Hugo de Jonge, a substantial intervention is needed. The Woonbond is therefore launching an action plan that will lead to truly affordable rental and owner-occupied housing.

In this action plan, the Woonbond proposes far-reaching measures that affect land speculators, that increase the position of housing corporations and that mean 10 billion additional public investment in new construction. Read full article in Dutch…

What does the sale of nearly 7,000 rental properties mean for the Netherlands?

A Canadian real estate investor put 6,900 rental properties for sale in the Netherlands earlier this week. What does this mean for the tenants, and for the Dutch housing market?

Canadian real estate investor European Residential REIT (ERES) is looking for one other party to sell the thousands of homes to. “ERES could of course sell the homes to the tenants piece by piece, but it doesn’t look like that,” says RaboResearch economist Nic Vrieselaar. “The Canadians are going for a quick exit.” Read full article in Dutch…