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Rental home news week 5

Reduce rent in low-income commercial rental

The most important rental home news of the week: Groen Links has tabled an amendment to give the same income group at commercial landlords the right to rent reduction as well. It is expected that 510,000 households at corporations will get rent reductions. Read full article in dutch…

The Council of State has advised negatively on the cabinet plan to cut rent allowance

De normhuur houdt in dat huurders geen huurtoeslag krijgen ten opzichte van de feitelijke huur die ze betalen, maar ten opzichte van een ‘normhuur’. Omdat de werkelijke huur vaak hoger is, gaat ongeveer twee derde van de huurtoeslagontvangers erop achteruit.

Terwijl steeds meer huurders moeite hebben rond te komen door oplopende kosten voor levensonderhoud, is het verlagen van de huurtoeslag voor huurders met een relatief hoge huur al helemaal niet te verdedigen. Read full article in dutch…

Concern and confusion over new points system for social rented housing

The new system allows you to collect points in different ways. The more points you have, the better your chance of finding a property. By searching four times a month, you can also earn one point per month. But also by your personal situation (e.g. divorce) you can get points. With this system, active house seekers should have a better chance.

What doesn’t help is that the site doesn’t work quite right yet. People line up in the same place for the same house while having different amounts of points. Read full article in dutch…

Not all tenants aware of their rights during a tenancy dispute

“Tenants in social rented housing have low-threshold options through dispute and tenancy committees,” the municipal executive responded. “Tenants in the free sector can also appeal to the rent committee.” Should it still be necessary, tenants in both the free sector and social rent can still go to court.

For the college, it goes without saying that tenants need extra protection in the current housing crisis. And not only in the municipality, but also nationwide. Read full article in dutch…

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