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Rental home news week 27

Buyout protection helps first-time buyers

Lobbyists from the real estate sector are beating around the bush wildly to block the Affordable Rent Act. Meanwhile, municipalities are deploying the buyout ban to ensure that houses are not snatched from the noses of first-time buyers by investors and then rented out expensively. The private landlord lobby is thus shooting itself in the foot with its lobby for maintaining usurious prices.

Opposition to regulation of the free rented sector is loud. Individual pawnbrokers tell in newspapers and TV programmes how their returns are at risk. Their umbrella organisation VastgoedBelang recently launched a campaign to improve the image of private landlords. And rental platform Pararius talks tenants into fear of regulation by sounding the alarm almost monthly with a press release. While the rent ceiling only prevents usury. Read full article in Dutch…

Additional measures for reliable energy label

By 2022, more than 9 out of 10 (92.8%) energy labels made in that year complied. This is according to research by minister Hugo de Jonge. But he is not satisfied with that result. Therefore, an independent regulator will be set up to check the quality of energy labels. In the meantime, the Rent Commission will continue to check labels of rental properties.

The energy label affects the number of points a rental property receives, and thus partly determines the rent you pay for a rental property. Moreover, the label plays a role in sustainability: rental properties with a poor energy label are the first to be tackled by landlords. It is therefore extra important that the energy label is correct. Read full article in Dutch…