Rental home news week 4

rental home news

Local charges for tenants rise 3.2%

The main rental home news of the week: Local charges for tenants in large municipalities are rising by an average of 3.2% this year. This is according to figures from the University of Groningen, which examined local charges in 39 large municipalities.
The most expensive municipality for tenants is Leiden. A multi-person household with rental property there pays € 673 in local charges. After all governments have set their rates, the Atlas of Local Charges is published. Read the full article in Dutch here.

Minister Rob Jetten wants to eliminate the net-metering scheme for solar panels

Offsetting is a very advantageous scheme and actually a subsidy for households with solar panels. Thus, people without panels help pay for the benefit of those with panels. Read the full article in Dutch here.

Ability to tackle landlords for abuse of service charges

What is still missing in the law is the ability to tackle abuse of service charges. In a letter to parliament, the Woonbond recently called for this to be added to the law. The BNNVARA programme BOOS also wants municipalities to be able to tackle unjust service charges. Read the full article in Dutch here.

From 16 January 2023, the new regional system of housing distribution will take effect.

Houses will be distributed on the basis of points from now on. With this new system, you will soon be able to build up and reduce points yourself. The new system offers opportunities for people who are urgently looking for and housing but have little or no registration time. When do you get points and when do you lose points? Find out what the new system means for you and how it works at Watch a video about the new system here. Read the full article in Dutch here.

The Woonbond comes out with two new and highly topical books.

Not rental home news but a must have for anyone who rents from a commercial landlord, who is looking for a rental home or wants to help others do so. The book provides important knowledge about tenancy rights and rent protection, about what renting may cost and your rights as a (future) tenant under every conceivable lease. Read the full article in Dutch here.