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Top 3 dogs & rental homes: ideal dogs for an apartment

Now that you are looking for a rental property in Amsterdam with RentSlam, and creating mood boards for inspiration, you might as well start daydreaming about a pet. The sky is the limit in these cold winter months. Would be nice if your new best friend waits for you when you come home. But which dog is happy living in an apartment in a city like Amsterdam? We have identified a number of perfect breeds that you can put on your wishlist for December, calling this blog dogs & rental homes.

The ideal dogs for rental homes

A number of practical ideas when it comes to a dog in a smaller living space in the big city: It is nice if it doesn’t bark a lot, the neighbors will appreciate that too. A smaller size is also more practical. A breed that does not require too much care, and is ok with spending a few hours alone every now and then. That’s where our top 3 dogs & rental homes is based on.

1. The French Bulldog

Pointed bat like ears and a funny face characterize the French Bulldog. It is a pack of muscles that is incredibly sweet and absolutely not aggressive. They weigh about 12 kg and are 30 cm tall. Make sure it gets enough exercise, these do not have to be long walks, playing a bit outside with a ball makes him happy too. They like to being around their owner and hardly bark. The ideal dog for your new rental property.

2. The Dachshund

A hot dog on legs with a cute wagging tail. With their long backs, climbing stairs is not easy for these dogs, but the females only weigh about 4.5 kg and are 15 cm tall, so you can easily lift them up the stairs. They love sitting in your favorite chair, but you will have to walk with them , else they will become fat, and that is not a good thing with such a long back.

3. The Pomeranian

This is more of a bear than a dog, but it still made our top 3 dogs & rental homes, because once you have one, you’ll never let it go. Pomeranians only weigh about 3 kilos and are about 25 cm tall. They have a lot of energy and yet they are comfortable being inside, provided you walk them several times a day. They can bark, fierce and loud, so it is important to train them properly when they are young.

How can RentSlam help?

Yes, let’s go for a rental home in Amsterdam where a dog fits in perfectly. We make that search easier. To be very honest, we were slowly going mad with all the steps we had to go through to find a rental home in Amsterdam. That is why we started RentSlam. Our service always sends you an e-mail at the moment that a house appears online that meets your requirements. We only work with reliable sources, so you do not have to worry about scams. And it saves an incredible amount of time, because checking several sources 10 times a day is no longer necessary. Just go for it.

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