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Finding a house for rent the right way

I can’t find a filter for balcony or garden in my search profile?

You’re not blind, that option isn’t available yet… Often these details aren’t clearly stated so it’s hard for us to find and share them with you, but I promise we’re working on it.

I want a house where pets are allowed, how do I find it?

Pet filters are unnecessary. Nowhere in the law does it say that you can prohibit a tenant from bringing a pet. So even if the landlord does not want you to bring your playful dog, he cannot forbid you. The only exception is when it is stated in the articles of the agreement of the Owners’ Association. So you can ask about that just to be sure. Of course it is very different if your pet causes a lot of nuisance to the neighbors, then you may still have to leave the house with your pet after a long legal process.

All the apartments that I receive have a high income requirement?

Yes, that really sucks. But don’t give up, because that is certainly not the case with all rentals. Housing associations often ask that 3x the rent as gross salary. It is usually more flexible with private landlords or a real estate agents. Unfortunately, we have no control over this and we think it’s stupid just as much as you do.

Social rental housing, does RentSlam find these too?

No, for that you need to visit Woningnet Amsterdam or Woonnet Rotterdam etc. However, keep in mind that the average waiting time for social housing is over 10 years in the major cities, so you might as well look for a time machine.

Can I search in multiple cities or with multiple bedroom/price combinations?

Yes, you can create up to 4 different searches at once with 1 account. So you can, for example, search in 4 cities at once, or set up multiple bedroom and price combinations or even a mix of both.

I don’t want to receive apartments that I can’t afford, help!

Logical! We listened to your feedback and developed a BETA filter for income requirements. If this is clearly indicated in a listing, we will still send you the house, but with a notification that the income does not match, so you do not have to respond to it for nothing. Eventually we will also make available the option of not receiving these listings at all.