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Renting a house as a student

I am a student, how can I rent a house?

It is very annoying that some landlords do not want to rent to students. But the good news is that with perseverance and a little ingenuity and help you will definitely get there. Many students have already found a home with RentSlam. You just have to go a little further than others. For example, you can think of a guarantor, sharing with other students, involving your parents, etc.

I am looking for a room in a student house, can you help me with this?

As much as we would like it to, unfortunately not. We really only find independent houses. Studios, apartments, penthouses, lofts and full houses! We really find everything there is to rent on the housing market, but no rooms 😞. You can rent a house and share it with your fellow students, of course!

Can I also find a house with which I can apply for housing benefit?

No Unfortunately not. We only find houses from €808 per month (the liberalisation limit) and for that reason you cannot apply for housing benefit here. The homes where this is possible are almost always social rental homes and they almost always go through the incredibly long waiting lists.