Daniel & Simona

"For anyone that's looking for an apartment in Amsterdam, try RentSlam. We were reluctant at first because of all the scams out there, however, this service worked wonders. We had contact with the owners directly concerning our apartment and they did everything in their power to make it happen and guess what? We now live in the city center of Amsterdam. Thanks Peter and Raul."


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Laura Deelen

"I have tried many websites and real estate agents, without success. With RentSlam I had a house in 2 weeks. We now live in a beautiful, spacious, affordable apartment at the Zeedijk! Wauw! Peter was very helpful and friendly during and after the process. We are very happy!"


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"I had been searching online for a rental apartment for 2 months when I read positive comments about rentslam.com It was very difficult to find an affordable house by myself, so all help was welcome. RentSlam helped me to see new rental listings much faster and improved the rate at which I was invited because I could apply faster. Thanks to rentslam.com I now live in a great house on a superb location. Many thanks 😊 Kirsty"

Mark & Manon

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Charlotte & Tom

"rentslam.com was fab for getting the most up to date houses on offer without the hassle of trawling through all the websites, we love our new home! Charlotte and Tom"


"I really love the idea behind rentslam.com Being an expat from another country the many emails and choices sent daily allowed me to find suitable properties. In the end, I found a property and moved in, in only 3 days’ time. David"

Mickey & Boyd

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Sadhana & Raj

"It is hard to find affordable apartments in Amsterdam, so you really need a system like the Rentslam service offers. We would recommend RentSlam to anyone looking to rent in Amsterdam. Our apartment is great and very light. We are very happy with it. Peter and Raul were very kind and helpful during the whole process. They even helped us by getting spare keys when we lost our luggage on the bus. We will definitely use RentSlam again if we decide to move to another apartment. Best Regards, Sadhana and Raj."


"RentSlam offers a great service and great value for the money. Thanks to RentSlam I was able to find a great apartment in De Pijp which soon will become my new home. The transparency, simplicity and prompt delivery of new available apartments to my inbox made my search for an apartment an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend RentSlam to anyone who wants to find a new place quickly and with ease. Kind regards. Ljupco."


"One of the real estate agents we came in contact with through the RentSlam emails had another property available that was not advertised yet. They showed it to us and we signed a contract for that house. It was good to receive many properties by email. I would have liked a furnished/unfurnished filter in the service, but I was told that would be added soon. All in all a great service I would recommend to anyone. Good luck! Emma."